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Healthy Swellness: My Downsized Goals for 2021


I reached only one of the goals I’d set for 2020. And I’m totally fine with that. It was a year when doing anything took what felt like 100 times more effort so I’m really proud of having read 18 books when I set out to read a dozen. For the first few months I was ahead of my goal, and then when lockdown became stricter and I found it hard to concentrate on anything, I fell behind. But eventually I worked on cracking open a book more often and it was such a joy to reignite my love of reading, a pastime I’ve been passionate about since I was a kid but fell out of the routine for almost a decade.

My other goals? Well, I barely got started. I had planned to incorporate more cross-training into my routine, and aimed to do one workout a week that was not running. Instead, other than a few workouts before the pandemic (and a few virtual dance classes during lockdown), I focused solely on running (but at least I ran more than ever, completing the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, and then ran and walked back across Tennessee). Running is what I know, what I can incorporate into my life without a ton of thought, it’s really just easier for me to wrap my head around even though I know in reality I can easily roll out my yoga mat and find a workout online for a yoga session, for one.

And my other goals to eat more veggies and learn how to use my camera? Well, my diet was all over the place last year (I craved comfort foods and nostalgic eats big time, plus I had a hard time finding time to cook so that impacted how I ate as well), and I simply didn’t have the energy to pick up my camera and take an online course.

And while I don’t set travel goals per se (although I did wish last year to go to Thailand and that came true in December, I’m convinced I manifested it!), because of the pandemic, my travel was downsized significantly last year. I went on a total of six trips; four by flight (Vail, Gimli, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and a cruise out of Miami) and two local road trips (to Prince Edward County and a camping trip just north of Toronto at Oastler Lake).

Anyhow, for this year, I just read this New York Times article about making 2021 goals small and gentle. And that really resonated with me. We don’t need to feel bad about not accomplishing a ton right now, living through this crazy time we are all just trying to survive. And they’ll be focused on setting a routine. I already started with including a few things to improve my mornings, and those small things bring a sense of relief in this harsh reality we are living in. Yes, the simple but delicious foamy latte I drink in the morning brings me so much more than just a delicious cup of coffee; there’s a sense of feeling able to take a deep breath and relax even for just a few minutes that comes with this ritual. I think I maybe especially appreciate it since my life has for so many years entirely lacked routine, what with juggling freelance and travel.

So my goals for 2021 will be small:

I will read 15 books—and will do so by reading at least 10 pages a day. I’m building on the one goal I achieved! I tend to go days without reading and then read a ton. But this year I will work on reading just a little each day as part of my routine. I’m thinking at bedtime (although I tend to fall asleep pretty darn quickly once I hit the sack!). I know I read more than 15 books last year, but I think that was largely because I read about four of them while on a cruise for a week. Above are some of the books on my shelf to read this year, plus I’ve got several on hold at the library.


I will make one meatless dish a week. I actually think I ate less veggies last year than ever. I tend to eat more of my veggies as part of my main, but there are loads of easy ways to enjoy vegetables as a side (sauteed green beans or roasted Brussels sprouts are so incredibly simple), so this will be something I can make a habit out of, and it’ll give me a push to look for delicious main dishes that make veggies and meat alternatives the star. Maybe I’ll finally try to make some dishes from this Ottolenghi cookbook; I’ve had it for years and yet have never cooked from it.


I will develop a gratitude habit. I like this idea of building off of the good habits you established last year as mentioned in this New York Times article. It also outlines why reflecting on the past year might seem like a bad idea but that it’s good for you (which I learned when I looked back at 2020). And the first suggestion in the article is to develop a gratitude habit. I have the Five Minute Journal, and haven’t been successful in writing in it daily since I’m often in a rush to get out the door in the morning, so instead as I make and enjoy my morning coffee, I will think of one thing I am thankful for, and take it one step further when it makes sense (say if I’m grateful for the delicious meal I’m picking up that day, then I’ll tip more than usual, for example, or I’ll text that friend I’m grateful for having in my life, both are ideas from that NYT article). This is all something I definitely did more of in 2020, but it was not part of an established routine. The one way I do express gratitude daily already? I do hug Billie Jean and Mya all the time and tell them I love them; I am grateful for them every damn day for the joy they bring me.

Have you set any goals or intentions for the year?

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New Year Swellness: So long, 2014. Hello, 2015!

With my bestie on the beach in Anguilla

As I’m sure many of you have been doing as well, I’ve spent the last few weeks reflecting on the past year, which has flown by. Even faster than the year before — is that possible?

And I wish I could say I look back at this year fondly, but it’s been a relatively rough one. Many ups and downs and, well, it’s been tough to keep a light heart. So much so that great things that I realize should stand out just seem a blur because I’m just going through the motions and not appreciating them for what they are. I happened to look back on my Instagram account yesterday (I’m @healthandswellness — follow me, do it!) and realized it’s been less than a month that I was on the sands in dreamy Anguilla (where I managed a scary untethered climb down a cliff that absolutely terrified me — but was patting myself on the back for completely, shaky legs and all). And just eleven weeks ago, in Chicago I ran my best marathon. A very unexpected feat that when I actually spend a sec to think about that morning and how everything just came together and how I came less than two minutes from qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I’m astonished and proud. Yeah, that happened. No, scratch that. I did that.

But lately these good moments are being overshadowed. And that happens. And that’s OK; it’s OK to feel this way. All I think you can do is try really hard to focus on the things that are good and that you’re grateful for, until those things and and thoughts are the ones taking place front and centre and things shine a little brighter. And so, if the holidays or the year as a whole has been a bit of a rollercoaster, think of the highs, surely there have been some. Do it with me now. Yes?

For me, I’m proud of running a personal best not only in the Chicago Marathon, but in Around the Bay 30k, Sporting Life 10k, and in the Nike Women’s San Francisco Women’s Half-marathon. I love that I had the chance to explore Texas not just once or twice, but three times this year (I think Frederickburg was my favourite). I had the opportunity to travel with one of my best friends to two tropical paradises (Bonaire, where I truly hope to return so I can get better at windsurfing, and Anguilla. which once again proved itself to be a foodie’s dream).

Anguilla and Ani Villas

In addition to my incredible group of friends, I added a few new friends this year to my life — all of whom I simply don’t know how I’d survive without. I ate so very well with these friends, both here in Toronto and abroad. Work continues to inspire and challenge me, and I was included in a nomination for a P&G Beauty and Grooming Award this year for a piece I contributed to for Glow magazine. And there’s the random fun-ness; I mean, I did happy hour on a helicopter, for crying out loud; I skiied with an Olympian; I went to some great concerts (JT, OVO Fest, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Nick and Knight, ha ha, and best of all, in the freakin’ pit for the Backstreet Boys, eeeeeeeeek! If you know me at all, you know how major that was).

Alright, so 2014 has had its moments…

As for 2015, I haven’t made specific goals, yet. I still aim to devote more time to sleep; a healthy sleep schedule continues to be a struggle for me. For running, I’m gunning to qualify for Boston, but am giving myself until the end of 2016 as my timeframe to reach this goal (I’m giving myself more than a year since I can only manage to try two or maybe three qualifying marathons a year). As for everything else, it’s all a work in progress.

Skip into the new year with me, with high hopes for it being the best one yet. Make it happen.

— Karen xo

Skipping on the beach, Sandy Island, Anguilla




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New Year Swellness: Make 2014 your year

This is your year

Happy new year, my pretties!

On this first day of 2014, I’m sitting here typing this post when it seems like just a few days ago that I was summing up 2012. Can 2013 really have flown by as quickly as it did? Looking back, this year was some kind of wonderful:

  • Every race I ran in 2013 was a personal best. Three marathons completed this year, each one faster than the last (the most recent was in November in Philadelphia. And my Around the Bay 30k was faster then the time goal I’d set for myself). I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time until I place in my age category…kidding! I wish!
  • Even more close to my heart than the personal bests that I ran was the support I received from everyone who voted for me in the Inner Champion contest I took part in. I think about your support during my long runs and it helps motivate me to keep going. And going. And going. (A marathon is long, yo!)
  • I received several notes from blog readers and friends telling me how something I’ve posted has inspired them — whether it was to work out that day, or to try a great local restaurant, or to make a meal from scratch — and as sheepish I often feel (over) sharing about my running or traveling, knowing I may have played a small part in making your life a little more swell, well, that makes it all worth it.
  • I had the opportunity to partner with some fantastic brands, such as Aveeno Active Naturals, Ford Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart.
  • My one travel goal for 2013 was very, very simple. All I wanted to do was make it to New York City as it’d been much too long since my last visit. I made it to the Big Apple three times (twice for work and once on vacation — where I not only saw Kanye West in concert in Brooklyn, but my Instagram of Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington at the show made it onto The Cut, Jezebel and Fashionista).
  • I was fortunate enough to explore more places than I ever had in a year. From the stunningly gorgeous Sonora Resort in British Columbia and the sunny beaches of Anguilla, Jamaica, Barbados, and Mexico to the cultural sights in Paris, Madrid, and Nice and the unexpected fun times in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Door County, Wisconsin and Roanoke, Virginia — to name just a few — I had a wealth of opportunities to absorb and learn from. And I hope through my sharing of this travel, that it has inspired you to explore — whether it’s somewhere far flung or even if it’s just to the other end of the city. Explore, try new things!
  • I’ve made so many wonderful friends, ones I know I will stay in touch with, even if we can only manage to connect through Instagram or Twitter rather than in real life. (And my old friends, for the past few years, I realize more and more each year how important you are  in my life and I hope you know what your support means to me.)

So yes, I’d say this past year pretty great. At the same time, in writing an article for Glow about how big a fan I am of using social media, I became more aware of how it both benefits and detracts from my happiness. Writing the article helped me get my FOMO in check, but it’s also made me aware of the shiny, happy edited self most of us (present company included) present on social media. Has it been a year without any stress, anger, guilt, resentment or sadness? Of course not. But I think it’s important to try to keep things positive, and let’s face it, it’s easier. Cut me some slack — I’m not about to Instagram a makeup-less selfie in my PJs in front of my computer or tweet about my life falling apart.

Not that my life has fallen apart, knock on wood. More than anything, 2013 for me was a year I felt incredibly grateful. I had more than a few moments where I thought “Is this really my life?” before soaking up the surreal experience at hand (like when I had dozens and dozens of eagles soaring above me while out on the water at Sonora Resort). Moments that I felt quite lucky for, but I came to eventually accept that the moments were a result of a combination of both good fortune and my efforts. I helped make these moments happen.

So for 2014, I ask you to think of it as your year. But don’t leave it to fate. Make it happen. Take the steps you need to to bring you closer to your goal.

Do it, and it’ll be a fantastic year. I can just feel it.





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