Travel Swellness: On the way to Wisconsin!

June 24, 2013

Door County, Wisconsin

Me: “I’m off to Wisconsin!”

Everyone: (After attempting to hide a puzzled look) “Oh…um, what’s in Wisconsin?”

And to be honest, I didn’t know at first (but have dug around a little online) but I’m very excited to find out. Yes, there’s cheese as it’s dairyland, but I understand there’s also cherry pie, and the area I’m going to (Door County) looks very picturesque, does it not? I’ll be enjoying the great outdoors (a good thing as I’m sure there will be several cheese calories to burn off…).

I look forward to sharing my adventures this week with you via Instagram and Twitter and, of course, through my articles once published when I get back!

Oh, and I’ll most definitely need to bring back some Wisconsin cheese curds so that I can do this with them (the photo and recipe is from Simple Comfort Food):

fried-cheese-curds from Simple Comfort Food





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