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How to prepare and eat pasta more healthily

I love pasta. And eat it fairly regularly. And I don’t only look to eat it in a better-for-me preparation (or I wouldn’t have ordered the ravioli filled with goose and foie gras at Buca — my favourite restaurant in Toronto — on Friday night). I just don’t have it in this rich of a way all the time. Sometimes I have it with a meat sauce, spinach and sausage, or with artichokes and walnuts.

If you’ve been shunning pasta, did you know it can be part of a healthy diet? And if you’re looking for small ways for your pasta to be healthier — at least when it comes to its GI factor — check out my latest article over at

(That’s some pretty pasta I bought in Rome, almost too pretty to eat. Key word: almost)

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I heart Beretta Farms

Y’all know I love Chipotle. So when I got the invite to go check out Beretta Family Farms, who provides much of the organic meat to the Chipotle locations here in Toronto, I jumped at the chance and it’s turned out to be one of my favourite days this summer.

From our gracious hosts (Mike and Cynthia) to their adorable dog Jackie, from the hayride to the kittens hiding in the barn, from the oxen (first time I’ve ever seen one — they’re ginormous!) to the incredible peacefulness of the farm…it was all a recipe for happiness.

We got to see the farm’s six-week old sheep, the yorkshire pigs that’ll be 220 lbs this October, nearly 400 cows grazing in the open field, and turkeys that hatched in May that’ll be full-size by Thanksgiving. And how about Fernando, the 18-year-old white steer they refer to as the “godfather.” Fernando shouldn’t have survived birth, but he did and inspired by an article Mike had read, Mike bottle-fed Fernando and raised him differently (almost more as a pet cow — the kids used to go on rides on him). These days gentle Fernando helps keep the other cows calm; they follow him around and with Fernando keeping cattle zen, this helps them to gain weight. (Sometimes I wish I had a Fernando equivalent keeping me calm in my life — although I don’t need the fattening up part!)

The farm also boasts a vegetable garden, where they grow most everything and much of it is used in Beretta’s newly launched catering business (absolutely delicious — Cynthia so sweetly sent us home with a polenta dinner and some organic beef jerky that I was sorry to finish eating because I just wanted more).

All in all, Beretta Farms is all that you (or at least I) dream of farms to be like.

The day ended very well — with a meal of Chipotle tacos and some beef simply seasoned and barbecued — delicious. We fed the leftover produce from our lunch to the pigs btw.

The farm is not open to the public on a regular basis, but this Saturday (August 18, 2012), it is as they’re holding their family day. Pop over for a hay ride, a cow milking demo and learn how a family-run farm works.

If I had a car, I’d so be there to experience it all over again. Instead, I’ll just have to settle for enjoying their delicious chicken or beef when at Chipotle.

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For a workout energy boost, reach for raisins

What raisins lack in good looks (it was impossible to find an attractive photo of these little buggers!), they  make up for in their energy-boost abilities. In fact, raisins work as well as sport chews for an energy boost, says new research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition–making them a great natural alternative for endurance athletes.

In the study, after an 80-minute run, followed by a 5k time trial, runners who consumed sport chews or raisins were one minute faster in the time trial than those who only consumed water.

(Additional bonus: I’m pretty sure raisins are a whole lot cheaper than those sport chews. Raisins FTW!)

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