Fitness Swellness: Skiing with Kelsey Serwa

February 28, 2014


I’m off to Whistler for the weekend with ZICO Coconut Water,  oh, just to ski with Olympian Kelsey Serwa — you know, the one who just won silver for women’s ski cross in Sochi.

Ya know, as one does on any regular ol’ weekend…what!?

And by “ski with Kelsey Serwa” I mean meet Kelsey, and then get shuttled off to get a beginner’s lesson (I’ve only had skis on three times in my life). I’ll be meeting with her to chat fitness and health, too — any questions you’d love to ask her? Let me know!

I’m stoked about this incredible opportunity to get to know Kelsey, and it’ll be my very first visit to Whistler — I hear it’s gorgeous. Follow me on Instagram (@healthandswellness) and Twitter (@healthswellness) — and the hashtag for the trip is #skiwithserwa — to keep up with my adventures on the west coast!


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  • 1. Health & Swellness &r&hellip  |  March 14, 2014 at 12:53 PM

    […] weeks ago, I got travel to Whistler to ski with Zico Coconut Water-sponsored athlete Kelsey Serwa — you know, the Olympian who […]

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