Travel Swellness: Train travel in Europe

September 25, 2013


Hasta luego! Sorry I’ve been absent here for a few days. I’m in Europe for 12 days (Spain was the first stop); today with Rail Europe we grab the train to France. It has and will continue as a bit of a whirlwind trip — and oh yes, I’m excited and having fun but also stressed at the same time; I’ll need to make sure to see as much as I can in the short time I have in each city, and I’ll also have to make sure to try to fit in some marathon training, too, and that can be difficult when traveling with others as I am most of this trip and having to stick to an intense itinerary (The days begin at 7 am and end about 1 am…by the time I fit in some writing, that leaves little time for sleep never mind running!).

On the bright side, tapas aplenty and now some macarons and a good ol’ British Sunday roast is in my near future!

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