Fitness Swellness: A great big thank you!

September 3, 2013




“Go, Karen, go!”

“I’m voting for you!”

“You can do it!”

These are the emails, texts, DMs and in-person greetings I received throughout the month of July and August when I was in the Genuine Health Activate Your Inner Champion contest. From friends with kids of all ages (from newborns and to toddlers) running about, one friend who had a long power outage and was using her limited cell phone battery for voting, pals on vacation, friends hard at work at the office or plugging away on their MBA, and, yes, even complete strangers.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

(A great big merci also for putting up with my regular reminders to vote! I know I was a broken record for eight weeks straight, but it was what helped my vote numbers climb.)

I collected just over 3,100 votes and while I stopped monitoring the votes after the first couple of weeks  (it was just too darn stressful!), I was in the the top eight or so in the end, I think. The votes are being looked at right now by GH so a winner hasn’t been announced yet…but the best part and the thing that kept me going in the competition were all of the kind messages and votes you all clicked through. I often think of this now when I’m having a particularly difficult long training run and it keeps me motivated.

Will I ever qualify for Boston in my lifetime? I don’t know, to be honest. Will I win this Inner Champion contest? Probably not.

But that support and encouragement from all of you, whether you voted once or every single day (I know many of you did click though every single day!) is worth more than any prize and I will always remember this. xo

(Thank you card, Pawling Print Studio)



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