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Foodie Swellness: Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum


New for summer: Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum, where you have some hints of fresh coconut, a bit of citrus and tropical fruits, including, of course, pineapple. Essentially summer and beachy good times in a glass.

Need a recipe? I made their Morganito and I’m hooked!

Morganito recipe

1.5 oz Captain Morgan Pineapple Flavoured Rum Liquor

0.5 oz lime juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

1 oz. soda

mint leaves

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Foodie Swellness: I’m cooking with Staub


So excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Staub!

You know them, or you should know them or what kind of foodie are you? Yes, totally judging you. Just kidding! The French company is famous for their cast-iron cocottes (but they also make ceramic products and kitchen accessories). Their classic cocotte? I’ve been coveting it for years and years and years. I finally buckled down and bought an enameled cast-iron French oven on sale from another brand (a competitor, so they shall remain nameless here, haha!) but I just received the most adorable specialty cocotte from Staub, this tomato! I actually squealed with glee when I opened up the box, how cute is it!?

(And I say I coveted a French oven for years and buckled down to buy one as they cost a few hundred dollars…And yes, I can and have easily dropped more than that on a pair of heels, but yet I hem and haw over it when it’s a cooking product. Priorities, people! I guess I value pretty shoes more, tee he he).

2016 so far is proving to be a busy one for travel for me, so I find that when I am home, I want to cook  more often. Eating out can mean lots of rich foods, and staying in and cooking allows me to feel grounded and truly at home.

Stay tuned as I’ll share the recipes I use when cooking with Staub (this amazeballs tomato cocotte is just one of the products I’m trying out) along with my thoughts on each Staub product.


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Healthy Swellness: Crest Pro-Health HD


It seems I have a habit of putting “too much” into my schedule. Notice the quotation marks? That’s because most of the time, to me, my schedule seems just right and not too much…but I have everyone else telling me I’m crazy. Once in a while I might feel frazzled by an overwhelming number of to-dos and that’s when I start cancelling things in my calendar, but for the most part, I guess being busy is my preferred M.O. And I bet it’s yours, too.

We are all busy.  And that means needing to be efficient with our time, and when something takes more time out of my schedule, well, that can be a deal breaker when it comes to adding whatever it is to my life. Case in point: when I heard that Crest’s new Pro Health HD calls for a two-step brushing process, I thought nuh-uh, ain’t gonna happen.

And you won’t believe what happened next! (ugh, I hate those click-bait headlines, don’t you?)

Well, what happened next is I became a Crest Pro-Health HD convert. This is saying a lot because my getting-ready routine I’ve whittled down to 30 minutes since I’m always rushing to get out the door, or at bedtime, I’m just tired and eager to get to bed ASAP. So to add a second step to brushing my teeth, I have to really think it’s worth it.

What convinced me to try the product is that it takes care of health and, well, vanity when it comes to teeth. Crest Pro-Health HD helps to reverse gingivitis and get rid of plaque, while also polishing and whitening teeth (and don’t we all want those movie-star smiles?) How it works: the two-step system breaks up key ingredients into separate tubes, allowing them to work their best and perform at their peak. Step 1 is a purifying cleanser that includes stannous flouride; you brush your teeth with Step 1 for one minute. Then you spit–but don’t rinse–and then brush your teeth with Step 2 for one minute. This step is the perfecting gel (for whitening and polishing). This second step also leaves your mouth feeling really fresh and clean, like how it does when you’ve just left the dentist’s office – you can actually feel a difference after the first use!

I’ve only been using the product for about a week and it’s really the super minty fresh clean feeling that’s won me over and earned Crest Pro-Health HD its spot on my bathroom counter. I am monitoring the whiteness status of my teeth to see if my pearly whites are getting whiter.  Having a whitening agent in my toothpaste is ideal, because I am not so great at maintaining a regular schedule for using whitening strips.

Crest is touting it as the company’s biggest breakthrough in toothpaste since fluoride, so that means it’s a pretty big deal. What’re your thoughts on this new innovation? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried it out!

(This review was made in partnership with Crest. As always, in this and in any other sponsored content, all opinions are 100 percent my own.)


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