Travel Swellness: Away to Anguilla

November 11, 2013


So in the week before running a marathon, you should try to get lots of rest (you probably won’t get to sleep much the night before the race thanks to pre-race jitters and the early rise time), and stick to your usual routine. Eat what you usually would, for one.

I’m going pretty much the complete opposite of that. I’m off to Anguilla for the week for work before running the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday, November 17th.

Where my sleep and schedule will be completely not the usual, where I’ll be eating different foods and drinking cocktails.

This is all not going to help me run a great race.

But turn down the opportunity to visit this beach paradise? Not a chance.

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    […] weeks after the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, and it also being immediately after a gluttonous week in Anguilla on a press trip (where I knew I’d be eating a lot, drinking (a lot) and not sleeping and resting as much as I […]

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