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Giveaway Swellness: Win Chef’s Plate Meal Kits!


For the past month, I’ve had three Chef’s Plate meals kits delivered to my doorstep (it was a partnership in kind) and it’s helped with my busy schedule in so many ways.

For one, one of my goals this year was to cook more often, since this fell apart last year, and it meant I had to cook three times a week with the ingredients already in my fridge. It also forced me to cook multiple components for a meal; I’ll usually make a one-pot meal or make a protein, plus a super simple side, but rarely a main with two sides for a balance meal. I also liked that the Chef’s Plate ingredients are portioned out (simplifying cooking) and there was a nice variety to the meal options so I had interesting, yummy meals to enjoy. Having Chef’s Plate for the past month also meant I barely needed to grocery shop, so I saved time planning meals and hitting up the market, leaving me more time to workout and spend time at the park with Billie Jean.

The good news for you is that I’ve got a prize of three Chef’s Plate meal kits (each kit feeds two people) to give away to one lucky winner! To enter, visit my IG post to learn how to enter, and you can comment on this blog post for five extra entries—just comment what is a go-to meal you make at home regularly (for me, one go-to is spaghetti carbonara!).

Giveaway ends at 11:59 on March 17, 2022, and winner will be announced on IG Stories March 18th.

Good luck!

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Giveaway Swellness: Win a Month of Sapsucker


I’m always looking for ways to hydrate with less sugar; I love soft drinks but try to enjoy them in moderation and as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m just not a fan of plain water (except for when I’m running). But a year ago (two years? everything is a blur lately the past while, eh?) I discovered Sapsucker and I’ve been a fan since!

Sapsucker is organic sparkling tree water that is naturally sweet. It’s also bubbly (so it satisfies my craving for a bit of fizz) and contains 46 naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And I love that it’s sustainably harvested from Canadian maple trees in Ontario and is a female-founded company.

Love the can design as well, and the five flavours it comes in are all great (I can’t pick one favourite, they’re all tasty!): grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon and original.

And I’m so happy to have a one-month’s supply of Sapsucker (aka four 8-packs) to give away to one lucky winner! To get five entries, comment on this blog post about which flavour you think is the most tasty! And to get more entries, you can get the details on how to enter on Instagram on my post here.

Note: This giveaway is open to Canadian residents and ends 11:59 PM, Monday, March 14, 2022. The winner will be announced on my IG Stories Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Oh, and if you don’t win this giveaway, you can get Sap Sucker at specialty grocery stores, and also Loblaws and Sobeys, and online at the Sap Shop.

Good luck!

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Healthy Swellness: Three Simple Ways to Boost the Nutrition of What You’re Eating

smoothie making

When it comes to eating well, I take a balanced approach. One of the greatest pleasures in my opinion is eating delicious foods, including those that aren’t so good for youso I eat a balanced diet most of the time, and then savour without any guilt the less than healthy items once in a while. I’ve always railed against that thinking, that healthy means kale and celery juice and quinoa only.

And another thing: Eating nutritiously doesn’t have to mean spending more. You just have to make smart budget-conscious choices with what you purchase and shop in stores where you can count on lower prices, like Giant Tiger. (Bonus: you can buy other items you need there, like cute workout gear, too, so you can limit your shopping excursions at the one convenient location that’s nearest you). In the past year, I’ve switched from only going to my usual (pricey) grocery store, and I can tell you the savings are significant if you make the effort to shop for groceries at a budget-friendly store like Giant Tiger.

Anyhow, as for the balanced approach to eating well? I look at every meal and snack as an opportunity to up the nutrition of what I’m consuming. You can accomplish this with some simple tactics, like these three, which work well for me:

1. Add veggies whenever possible. More often than not, I tend to cook one-pot type meals. So when cooking up my all-in-one dish, I consider how I can throw more vegetables into it as well. A pasta with meat sauce? Well, you can easily include some mushrooms in there, too, and celery and grated carrots. 

Or consider your breakfast; it’s a prime opportunity to eat more veggies, especially as veg is not a typical breakfast ingredient. I used to make fruit and juice smoothies all the time, but I realized you can easily throw some kale or spinach into the blender too (and some Greek yogurt for richness and protein) and it tastes great. Another great vehicle for veggies? Frittatas and breakfast wraps: throw in your usual eggs and sausage but add tomatoes, black beans, spinach and green peppers, too.


Also, why not enjoy a salad for breakfast? Instead of just making bacon and eggs for your first meal of the day, take inspiration from a BLT and make a salad with those same ingredients, and throw in a hardboiled egg for protein, some avocado (which provides omega-3 fatty acids), some flax, chia seeds or hemp hearts for texture, and a vinaigrette made with olive oil (a staple of the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the most healthy in the world). I’m really digging salads for breakfast when I have time to throw one together as it’s not only tasty, but I always feel like I’ve kicked off the day on the right track with a healthy helping of veggies, which is a great motivator to staying on the wellness train the rest of the day.

2. Include some protein in each meal or snack so that your body feels satiated. Plan what you snack on for the week (so that you’re not opting for a danish when you feel that tummy grumble) and make sure your snacks have got some protein so you can keep plugging through your day well fueled. A quick snack I often go for is an apple, but eat it with some nut butter (I enjoyed this apple with Wow Butter, a tasty nut-alternative option available at Giant Tiger) and not only will your snack feel more like a treat but your body will feel more full longer. 


Or for dinner on those nights you don’t feel like cooking? Do a ploughman’s lunch-inspired meal to snack on: here I’ve included almonds, hummus and a hardboiled egg for protein, carrots for some colour (and then you’re also accomplishing point #1 above!) and a serving of Saint Paulin cheese (one of my all-time favourite cheeses, and I love that it’s carried at Giant Tiger).


3. Stock up on smart staples that make eating well easy. It’s always easier to eat healthily if you make it super simple to incorporate into your schedule. Having ingredients on hand that help you eat a more balanced diet can make a world of difference when you’ve got tons of work to get done, a dog to walk, piles of laundry to do, etc, etc.


Some of the convenient staples you can stock up on at Giant Tiger that I love: 

  • natural almonds (good as add to salad or as a quick snack on their ownjust watch your portion size; keep it to a small handful or approximately 23 almonds); 
  • hard-boiled eggs (this package of ready-boiled eggs is a lifesaver when you’ve got a busy week); 
  • canned tomatoes (great to have on hand so you can whip up a shakshuka meal or a quick pasta sauce; plus canned tomatoes are an excellent source of the antioxidant lycopene); 
  • frozen fruit for smoothies; 
  • hummus (which research has shown is linked to fighting inflammation in the body); 
  • Gardein products, the meat-alternative products from this brand make meatless Monday meals no brainers;
  • Larabars (when buying packaged snacks to enjoy on the go, look for ones with ingredients you can identify, like Larabar, which is one of my favourite bar brands).

I know when I go to Giant Tiger I’ll be able to get everything I need to make loads of affordable meals and snacks as they sell fresh produce and fresh meat, along with the pantry staples I always keep on hand, like canned tomatoes and flavoured Perrier, and it’s all at fantastic prices. Because a lot of us, especially now during the pandemic, are more conscious about our spending than ever, I know I am. So on top of making Giant Tiger a go-to shop for your groceries and more, be sure to also sign up here for GT VIPyou’ll save even more on grocery items, plus you’ll get exclusive weekly deals.

Happy shopping (and savings)! I’d love to hear about your own nutrition-boosting tactics!

(sponsored partnership with Giant Tiger)



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