Healthy Swellness: Being “regular” (+ a giveaway to win an #ownthethrone prize!)

May 7, 2015

The Throne

We all know how important “being regular” is when it comes to our bathroom habits. Even though it’s not a topic we often talk about (except runners, runners talk all the time about their bathroom habits and port-o-potty trips when it comes to running races and our bathroom needs)

But the truth of the matter is that one in four Canadians suffer from constipation. In the Dulcolax Bowel Health Poll, nearly one-third of Canadians find that constipation interferes with their quality of life, and one in seven people feel their bowel movements are inconsistent and more than one in nine have uncomfortable #2s.

(Interesting tidbit: being “regular” with your BMs is different for everyone. One person’s regular might be four times a day, and another person’s regular might be once a day.).

More than one in four Canadians avoid bathroom situations at the office. Hand up if that’s you! I know I’ve talked to people about awkward office and public washroom situations! Although most of us don’t talk about it (only two in five of us would discuss with our partner and the number is even smaller when it comes to chatting bathroom issues with a friend, parent or co-worker—I guess I have an open bunch of friends, haha!).

What can you do to get more regular? Well, maybe try to talk to people about it, your doctor, for one, and your best friend, for example. Your regularity or lack thereof could be an indicator of your health so it’s definitely something you should bring up to your doctor, and as for your BFF, maybe he or she’s been in the same situation, and wouldn’t it be comforting to know that? Also, develop habits that’ll promote regularity: get active, keep well hydrated by drinking water and limiting dehydrating bevvies (that’d be those with alcohol or caffeine), and eating a diet rich in fibre. And, lastly, you don’t have to be uncomfortable and just wait it out. For the occasional bout of feeling blocked up, a product, yes, one such as Dulcolax, can be taken when you hit the sack at night, and the next morning, you’ll be able to go in the comfort of your own bathroom (no need to stress about using that office washroom!).

And jot this down in your calender: on June 18th, there’s a Dulcolax-Best Health Twitter chat from 1 to 2 p.m. EST (with one grand prize and five second prizes to be won). To take part, follow @besthealthmag on Twitter, and the hashtag for the chat is #BHownthethrone. I’ll remind you closer to the date. But in the meanwhile, here’s a fun giveaway I’ve got for you!


A few weeks ago I was at the Toronto Bridal Show with Dulcolax and talking about #ownthethrone. Well, now I’ve got a fun little prize from them to giveaway. The pretty pink box of the #ownthethrone prize, which is valued at $100, is filled with:

  • an #ownthethrone branded T-shirt
  • a water-resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  • a 24-oz. autoseal Grace Water Bottle
  • an Own the Throne Moleskine notebook
  • coupons for Dulcolax

There are three ways you can enter (feel free to enter once in each way):

  1. Email. Email me at with your name and mailing address (the address you’d like the prize to be sent to if you win!). Please put “own the throne” in the email’s subject line.
  2. Twitter: Follow me on Twitter (@healthswellness) and tweet:

I want to #ownthethrone and #win this #giveaway from @healthswellness.

  1. Facebook: Like the Health and Swellness page on Facebook (, then comment on the photo of the #ownthethrone prize about which part of the prize you’re most excited to win.

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents only and closes at 11:59 EST May 14, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and notified via the method they’ve won. If the winner does not claim their prize within five days of notification, another winner will be randomly drawn. The winner will be announced on this blog on June 11, 2015.

Good luck!

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