Healthy Swellness: #ownthethrone with Dulcolax at the Toronto Bridal Show

April 15, 2015

Dulcolax at the Toronto Bridal Show

Remember that episode of Friends where Joey ends up in an ad for herpes? Well, when Dulcolax asked me to partner with them, I thought “Omigod I’m like Joey but for bloating and constipation!”

But, hey, bloating and not being able to go are a part of life we’ve all experienced and sometimes we need a little help in that area, right??


Last weekend, Dulcolax had a pretty little booth at the Toronto Bridal Show, and I popped on over to the booth to talk to brides-to-be and their moms and friends and invited them to take a picture on the giant pink throne (which, much to my relief, was not an enormous toilet as I had anticipated, but an actual throne, the one I’m perched on above). Everyone was in great mood, and we didn’t talk much about our bathroom regularity (phew!). The ladies were more than happy to use the fun props and “own the throne” in the photo booth.

Why Dulcolax at the Toronto Bridal Show? Well, if there’s any day you want to feel in control of your bodily functions and not all bloated, one would certainly be your wedding day, wouldn’t it?

Stay tuned to the blog for a fun giveaway in the next week or two!


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