Beauty Swellness: Running hairstyles by Cabello by Carolina

March 11, 2016


I first met Aylin Carolina of Cabello by Carolina at Nike Run Club through my friend Mel. I knew of her already through Instagram so it was nice to meet in real life and I was excited when she emailed me a few weeks later to ask to do my hair in a running-appropriate style and to chat running for her blog in her “Behind the Chair” series.


Aylin and her photographer came over a few weeks ago, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how a braid (which is what she had told me she had in mind for my hairstyle) would work with my hair (my hair is quite fine) but Aylin made the box-braided ‘do work (huzzah!) and then we went for a quick run together.


I had a 29k run with my training buddy planned right after this morning with Aylin, and I not only though like I looked pulled together with my hair braided for that run, but I didn’t feel like my usual hot mess; I may need Aylin to become part of my race prep because it was so nice to not have my sweaty hair bothering me during a run.

Her blog post is up now, in which I talk about juggling work, travel and training. Check it out here.




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