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Foodie Swellness: Palo Popcorn

Palo Popcorn

Last week I was in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and I had a tough time convincing anyone that Quebec makes as good cheese curds as Wisconsin.

The cheesy goodness I fell in love with while in the ol’ badger state, though, that I’ll say they make better than us in Canada (granted I have not done a coast to coast search for the best of the best in this category…)? Palo Popcorn, the white cheddar version.

We actually tried it during a wine tasting at Vintage Elkhart Lake (it was paired with a Pinot  Grigio, I believe) and the girl next to me took a kernel and blurted out, “Oh my gawd, that’s so good!” I thought she was exaggerating…but then I tried it.

This fluffy popcorn is so intensely white cheddar flavoured — and its incredible taste is due to two things (I chatted with someone from the company):

  1. It’s not air popped but rather popped in coconut oil.
  2. The white cheddar on the popcorn is made with real cheddar cheese (not artificial flavourings and whatnot).

I couldn’t bear with the thought of not having access to more of this Palo Popcorn, so I came home with two bags of it (thankfully, I wasn’t questioned at customs on the way back — although, I doubt they count as “dairy,” right?). Sadly, I’m down to about a third of a bag.

Must make my way back to Wisconsin, I guess! (Or order some online next time I find myself south of the border)


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Travel Swellness: Escaping to Elkhart Lake

Elkhart Lake

This week I’m off to Elkhart Lake, a town in Wisconsin that’s perhaps best known for its race track, Road America. I’m looking forward to getting to know the area, especially as it’ll include a lot of firsts: I believe I’ll be go-karting (a first for me!) and standup paddleboarding (finally trying this and I’m so stoked!).

Will definitely report back on this action-packed destination once my piece is published. In the meanwhile, as usual, you can stay in the loop by following me on Twitter and Instagram.

(Photo: hitcheddesigns.com)

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Travel Swellness: On the way to Wisconsin!

Door County, Wisconsin

Me: “I’m off to Wisconsin!”

Everyone: (After attempting to hide a puzzled look) “Oh…um, what’s in Wisconsin?”

And to be honest, I didn’t know at first (but have dug around a little online) but I’m very excited to find out. Yes, there’s cheese as it’s dairyland, but I understand there’s also cherry pie, and the area I’m going to (Door County) looks very picturesque, does it not? I’ll be enjoying the great outdoors (a good thing as I’m sure there will be several cheese calories to burn off…).

I look forward to sharing my adventures this week with you via Instagram and Twitter and, of course, through my articles once published when I get back!

Oh, and I’ll most definitely need to bring back some Wisconsin cheese curds so that I can do this with them (the photo and recipe is from Simple Comfort Food):

fried-cheese-curds from Simple Comfort Food





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