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Learning to love salad

Lunch today is Mairlyn’s Summer Main Course Salad (arugula, peas, fresh herbs, tuna, olives, capers = yum!) from Mairlyn Smith’s book Healthy Starts Now! 140 Recipes That Will Make You Feel Great.

(But I forgot to pick up artichoke hearts, though, drat! And I threw in a boiled egg, just cuz I like ‘em in my salads).

If you need to get more veggies into your diet, head on over here for some tips from Mairlyn on how to make friends with vegetables.

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Make healthy food visible and accessible

In CEGEP (that’s like pre-university in Quebec), I ate on a daily basis either poutine, creamy pasta salad, creamy potatoe salad or a giant oatmeal cookie (or a combination thereof).


(and in high school, I often only ate an ice cream sandwich for lunch)

It’s  no wonder I was a bit heavier then. (and perhaps even more amazing I survived after eating such a poor diet regularly)

I blame there being lack of healthy foods prominently visible and accessible. (OK, not really, I’m pretty sure I still would’ve opted for this junk regularly.)

But a  new study published in Environment and Behavior has found that college students (just not me back then!) are more likely to eat fruits and veggies if they’re within arm’s reach. And if fresh fruit is visible, it’ll be eaten more often by them (although the same doesn’t hold true for vegetables).

(I, of course, now have oatmeal cookies on the brain and will need to try this recipe from Lottie and Doof — that’s their pic above btw).

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A “new” (to me) healthy snack

(Kale chips, Embracing Balance)

Why wait until the new year to kickstart your resolutions when you can start  now?

OK…so this is actually one of the resolutions I made for 2011 — eat more veggies. And while I wouldn’t say I was successful, I did throughout the year add a few more salads and vegetable side dishes to my meals. But chatting this month with a fellow freelancer who is also on the eat-more-veggies track reminded me I still have a long way to go.

(After all, that incredible spinach gratin Chuck Hughes made in his recent Chuckmas Christmas special is not the kind of veggie dish I should have on the regular…although that’s the kind of veg dish I love, you know where the cheese and cream outweighs the vegetables)

Which also reminded me that I have yet to bake up some kale chips.

I love chips + I love kale = I am sure to love kale chips.

And kale’s high in antioxidants, omega 3s, fibre, etc. (ie. these chips will be way healthier than a bag of Ruffles)

I know. I’m a little late to the party (kale chips, so 2008…). Kale chips have actually been on my to-do list for several years now, but I again was reminded of this remaining to-do, this time thanks to the lovely blogger Jaime at Embracing Balance who was recently tweeting about her kale chip experiments, and so kale chipping I will do.

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