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Style Swellness: The “Am I wearing pants?” Guide


It’s nearly two years old, but this Buzzfeed guide to “Am I wearing pants?” is not only guffaw-y goodness, it’s also pretty darn useful based on the fashion crimes I see about town. But who am I to talk? I’m sure some people think I could occasionally benefit from the “Am I wearing a dress?” Guide

(I remember having to draw up flow charts in some wonderful–and by wonderful I mean boring–business course in university. If only the topics we’d had to work on had been as giggly fun as this!)

While on the topic of pants, what’re your thoughts on yoga pants as pants pants? You know, for errands, dinner or even the office (ie. anything other than fitness)? Have your say over on the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page on my wall post on the topic, please! (Y’all know I’m the health expert on the Schick Style Squad, right?). I’m totally on team yoga-pants-are-for-yoga…but I have a feeling I’m outnumbered…

141 Comments March 7, 2013

Sweat Week: Beat the heat during your workouts

The Discovery Channel’s got Shark Week; well, I bring you Sweat Week — a week of posts on surviving the heat waves this summer.

Talk about good timing — just as I’ve got “Sweat Week” going on here at Health & Swellness, I just noticed that my blog post on how to stay cool during summer workouts is up over at the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Style Squad Facebook page (just click on “Read Style HQ”!).

(Although I’m guilty of not listening to my own advice — I ran during two of the hottest days last week, but I did take it slower so I wouldn’t pass out!)

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Be a bikini babe

For the past year, I keep finding myself shopping for bikinis. Not sure why. I don’t have a beach vacation or any plans to be poolside per se. Perhaps it’s a matter of, “If I buy it, it (the vacay) will come…”.

In any case, if swimsuit shopping tends to strike fear in your heart, don’t fret. Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess (and my Squad-mate on the Schick Style Squad) has shared her tips on finding the right flattering swimsuit over on the  Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page in her blog post this month. (Psst, you can *win* some prizes from Bikini Village this month from the Quattro-fied giveaways this month so be sure to check it out!)

(But even with the hottest swimsuit, we all need a stylin’ coverup, non? I’m coveting this one from Mara Hoffman.)

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