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Healthy Swellness: Healthy sleep strategies in Glow’s Winter issue

Glow Winter 2014

I have some pretty poor sleep habits. And it’s gone beyond simply being a night owl in the last while and I’ve been doing too realistic an impression of Sleepy Dwarf every day.

A few months ago, I attempted to improve my ways. To check out my story and learn tips from sleep doctors, pick up the  Winter 2014 issue of Glow, whydontcha?

Glow Winter 2014


2 Comments November 28, 2013

‘Health & Swellness’ Swellness: My Digital Detox feature in Glow magazine

Glow Canada March 2013

In November, I gave up social media, texting and personal emails for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

Was it torture? Did I snap under pressure and tweet? How on earth does one keep in touch sans texting?!? To find out how it went and what I learned about FOMO, you’ll just have to pick up the March 2013 issue of Glow!

5 Comments January 28, 2013

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