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Hangover cure: Exercise it away

If you’ve got a mild hangover, exercise will help get your blood circulating and get rid of your symptoms faster, says this Medical News Today article. With New Year’s Eve here and possibly many cocktails being consumed (hey, it happens), check it out for more tips.

(although they recommend making one drink last for a half hour–ie. four to five drinks over three hours…which seems like A LOT. Yowzers. No? Maybe I’m just a lightweight.) 

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The opportunity cost of running (for moi)

Oh, brunch, how I love thee…

And yet I must go brunch-less when training for a race. Le sigh. Those long morning runs conflict with prime brunch-ing time.

What else? Read more about the opportunity cost of running Health & Swellness-style on thekit.ca today.

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What’s “sensible drinking”?

As many of us are hitting up patios and perhaps enjoying more cocktails and beers than we normally would, I thought this research was worth noting: in a study conducted in Sweden 94 to 97 percent of people don’t know what defines sensible drinking from heavy, damaging drinking.

Here’s a refresher: for women, one drink per day is considered moderate consumption. Heavy drinking? Having more than three drinks in one day or seven in one week.


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