Sports and energy drinks are bad for your teeth

May 3, 2012

So this research isn’t exactly what I want to be reading just days before I’m sipping a sports drink as I run my very first marathon (I only drink it for energy for runs longer than 10k, you don’t need it for short runs, people  — it blows my mind when I see people drinking sports drinks for their stroll in the park, or on the streetcar as though it’s a refreshing everyday beverage to enjoy!):

Sports and energy drinks damage your teeth (especially for teens who are drinking these more frequently than ever), and it’s damage that can’t be repaired. These beverages are high in acidity, which can wear down enamel. Energy drinks in particular are bad for your chompers (causing twice as much damage).

The study authors suggest rinsing the mouth with water or chewing sugar-free gum after drinking these bevvies — this will get your saliva flowing and that’ll level out your mouth’s acid levels. You might be tempted to brush your teeth right after, but this is not advised — brushing will help the enamel-eroding acid by spreading all over the surfaces of your teeth; wait an hour and then brush if you wish.


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