Healthy Swellness: Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge update

May 26, 2016



As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Kobe and Mya are taking part in the Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge. I introduced them on the Nutram site (and that is where you can find out how to get your pets into the challenge!). But here’s a little update on the two furry ones who live with me.

A bit of background: Kobe is 15 years old, and for the past couple of years, he’s been showing his age more. He used to be the friendliest cat to everyone, and would greet me at the door. But for the past while, and definitely since I moved to a much smaller space, he moves around less, and tends to sleep away all of his time, only occasionally coming to visit me while I work with a rather irritated meow (at which point, I pick him up to cuddle and all is OK). He does love to snuggle, though, and scratch on the scratch pad; he’s definitely got more of a craving for catnip than Mya. Thankfully, he has managed to maintain his figure, even as inactive as he is.

Mya does rest a fair amount, she is a cat after all, but she also manages to fit a lot of time into scratching at the walls, pawing at the TV, unrolling the toilet paper roll, knocking things off of my desk just ‘cause and get into all sorts of trouble. Oh, and yes, she’s a puker. Partly because she also loves to consume items such as cellophane and ribbon, but also because she’s just one of those cats who pukes pretty regularly.

For the Nutram OTC, I completed the simple six-step questionnaire and thankfully the two cats were prescribed the same Nutram Number (restricting each cat to their own specific food would’ve been mighty difficult): S5 Nutram Sound Balanced Wellness Adult and Senior Natural Cat Food. I chose the Chicken, Salmon and Split Pea recipe for them since their preview food was chicken flavour.

Nutram is crafted by holistic nutritionists to ensure proper digestion and overall wellbeing. Taking science along with holistic nutrition into account, the brand considers how the components in the food interact with each other and impact the body. And super key is how the nutrients are absorbed and that the cats’ disease-fighting mechanisms are activated. I like that the food includes fresh fruit and veggies to help the kitties’ digestive tracts.

I’ve been observing the cats to see how they adapt to the new food and if their behaviour changes. So far, it’s hard to tell, but Kobe seems a little bit more active. Sometimes I find him wandering or lying in a new spot for him. Could he have more pep in his step thanks to the Nutram OTC? Mya is upchucking slightly less often, but it’s hard to say if that’s due to the new food or the lack of her favourite mail, the gift baskets I receive wrapped in cellophane, yes, she’s a strange one, haha!). I am happy to report that they do seem to enjoy the food. For the transition, I mixed their old food with the Nutram S5 and they didn’t blink an eye, and ate happily. (The cat I had as a kid would paw at food she found distasteful and just not eat if it didn’t suit her palate. Kobe and Mya readily dug into the Chicken, Salmon and Split Pea S5, though!).

Now they’ve completely transitioned to the Nutram diet; I’ll update you in a week or two as they complete the 30-Day OTC. Will they be taking up yoga and asking me for cold-pressed juices to go with their holistic Nutram diet? Haha! Let’s see!



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