Healthy Swellness: Getting back to my bookworm ways

November 22, 2016


I think I’ve written before that this has been a chaotic year. And with it coming to a close soon, I’m going to have to evaluate how to move forward; because my current pace is not something I can maintain in the long term.

As much as this year has been a bit nutty, I have made some somewhat successful adjustments. While it wasn’t a decision I made, but rather just what my schedule dictated, running and racing has been less of priority this year, which I’m fine with for 2016. Another change I’m please about? I decided to try to read more often. I was always a major bookworm since I was a little girl, but for about the last five years or so I stopped reading books, when I used to be someone who raced through a book every week or two. (Maybe I’ve been too distracted by social media? Maybe it’s due to not having a great reading spot at home?)

But with my goal of adding things to my life that bring me happiness, I decided I needed to start reading books again. And while it doesn’t sound like a lot, I’ve read about a half dozen books in about the last year, and two things have helped make that happen. First, being part of the Indigo Book Club. While I’ve only successfully read the monthly pick in time for the Twitter party with the author once–they hold it at the end of each month (and I’m typically reading the books months later), having the books chosen for me eliminates that task, and now I always have reading material for when I’m killing time waiting in airport lounges and on flights (but this only works sometimes because I’m frequently so sleep-deprived when I travel that I’m not alert enough to focus on reading!).


Receiving a Kobo Glo HD (thanks Kobo!) has helped up my reading time, too. I’ve always loved having a Kobo to read on the beach (no pages for the wind to mess with and it’s light and easy to hold overhead when lying back on a chaise). It features an anti-glare screen (again, great for the beach), but also an adjustable ComfortLight (helpful when traveling with a friend and you want to read a bit before going to sleep). The Kobo Glo HD can also store thousands of books and so I don’t have to stress about the extra weight in my carry-on (I used to lug six hardcover books to week-long beach vacations). Another major plus about the Kobo? The long battery life. Kobo states that a single charge has up to two months of battery life. If only my smartphone could hold a charge for as long as my Kobo!

Right now I’m reading the lovely Nora McInerny Purmort’s book It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) on my Kobo, but I’m also starting this month’s #IndigoBookClub pick, The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall. This book was a finalist for this year’s Giller Prize, and the Twitter party with Whittall is taking place @chaptersindigo on November 30, 2016, at 7 p.m. EST (chances are I won’t have finished the book on time but you should take part if you’ve read The Best Kind of People and want to tweet and discuss with @zoewhittall).

What’ve been your fave recent reads?





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