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Be a bikini babe

For the past year, I keep finding myself shopping for bikinis. Not sure why. I don’t have a beach vacation or any plans to be poolside per se. Perhaps it’s a matter of, “If I buy it, it (the vacay) will come…”.

In any case, if swimsuit shopping tends to strike fear in your heart, don’t fret. Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess (and my Squad-mate on the Schick Style Squad) has shared her tips on finding the right flattering swimsuit over on the  Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page in her blog post this month. (Psst, you can *win* some prizes from Bikini Village this month from the Quattro-fied giveaways this month so be sure to check it out!)

(But even with the hottest swimsuit, we all need a stylin’ coverup, non? I’m coveting this one from Mara Hoffman.)

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Why we re-consume

I could watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer over and over.  And over. Beverly Hills, 90210, too.

And a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research explains why. The findings show that the reason we watch our favourite shows or movies over and over goes beyond nostalgia.

We watch reruns over and over (or “re-consume”) because of the guaranteed outcome (what could more satisfying than seeing Buffy kick Faith’s ass? Or Donna drunk at prom?), enhanced viewing from watching that same scene a million times or rediscovery of subtle details (such as did Donna’s boobs always look so odd? And by “odd” I mean messed up!).

(But I get a kick out of the nostaligia, too, like remembering all the styles I copied straight from these shows — from the baby doll dress to the tiny butterfly clips in the hair).

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Neon, neon, neon

I’ve got a thing for neon nails, neon jewelry and neon fitness gear — check out three workout pieces I’m coveting over at the Schick Quattro for Women Facebook page!

(Bracelets, Love of Mine (top) and Lia Sophia (bottom))

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