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Travel Swellness: Where to recharge in Jamaica

Round Hill

The April issue of VITA magazine is out, where you’ll find my article on where to recharge in Jamaica. You can read the issue online here (and if you live in the lower mainlain of Vancouver, you can subscribe for free).

Fern Tree

Besides the amazing meal I had atop a hill with a great view of Jamaica, some superb spa services (That’s Fern Tree Spa above), and a lovely cottage with a private pool, one of my fondest memories is the walk to the spa at Round Hill Resort with views of the Caribbean Sea (I’d love to be parked on one of those chaise longues right now!). Positively heavenly.

Click here to check out my article on page 9.

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Foodie Swellness: Same-day dinner resos with the DINR app


OMAW-gawd (sorry, couldn’t resist) — when I saw the other day that I could snag a dinner reso at OMAW (where I’d been dying to go try!) on the DINR app, I didn’t hesitate.


Aaand, I got there and found we were seated in the cozy corner booth, total score.

The aged Wagyu appetizer blew me and my bestie away, we both agreed it was our favourite of the night, but all of the dishes (and we ate practically the entire menu) was superb. Check out this gorgeous architectural  key lime pie. We were plenty full…but ate every single delicious bite.


And even though it was a snowy night, the place was packed and had a comfortable, friendly vibe. I’m definitely planning on going back soon. OMAW is billed as “southern” but neither me or my bestie found it seemed particularly Southern…but maybe we need to head to the South to do some “research” to better understand the flavours…

For more on the DINR app and how it works and how it can help you get a table at the city’s top restos, check my post about DINR on Vitamin Daily.

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Fitness Swellness: X-Body electric muscle stimulation workout


When I arrived at Lucid Health & Fitness in Toronto to try their X-Body workout, I didn’t know at all what to expect. I hadn’t had time to research it or electric muscle stimulation (EMS) workouts, and in fact, was semi-expecting it to be more like a massage versus an actual workout.

But I quickly learned it’d be a workout. Aman took it a little easy on me, though, as I had an appointment after Lucid and didn’t want to arrive a hot mess. Putting on the cotton base layer (it’s best if you don’t even wear a sports bra, so that the sensors can better make contact with your body), I wasn’t nervous, but upon seeing and donning the wet training suit that hooks you up to the computer, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking wth have I gotten myself into?

I’ve only tried the X-Body EMS workout once, but later that day, my body felt like jello (and I know I didn’t necessarily feel like I’d exerted myself that much) and the following day, as I completed my 23k run, and my legs felt heavy and tired, it definitely seems like X-Body put me through quite the ringer in a mere 20-minute workout.

For more about X-Body, check my dose on Vitamin Daily.


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