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Healthy Swellness: Let’s practice some #moneymindfulness


Did you know that it’s Credit Education Week November 13-16th? We partnered with Capital One Canada to learn more about money mindfulness. What a great way to remind yourselves of smart financial habits or to kickstart being more mindful with your money.

Did you know that 44 percent of Canadians believe that their mental health takes a toll due to their financial situation? I’m not that surprised by these stats, especially when living in an expensive city like Toronto, well, it’s safe to say I’ve experienced this toll on my mental health (when you work freelance, finances are often a big source of stress since you can’t be sure when the next paycheque is coming). That stat comes from a recent survey conducted by Capital One Canada and Credit Canada Debt Solutions. And as someone who has lost sleep over money matters myself, these other stats aren’t too surprising either (should I be comforted in that I’m not alone in this?):

  • 30 percent of Canadians cite financial stress as a larger worry than their overall health
  • Canucks spend 7 hours per week worrying about their finances (sounds about right based on my personal experience)

What is a shocking number, though, is that this actually totals 365 hours a year spent stressing about finances.

So, let’s get this stress under control! Rather than live a life sacrificing vacations, eating great meals out, or even skipping personal grooming due to the cost (all named as cost-cutting measures in the survey), this Credit Education Week, wouldn’t you say it’s a great time to learn some ways to manage your financial stress and get into a good place when it comes to your money? Yes, let’s do this!


I attended a Capital One Money Mindfulness event recently and it included a few different tools to use to be more mindful while also learning financial facts about Canadians. For example, I learned that Millennials are carrying the most unsecured (aka non-mortgage) debt in Canada. There were also helpful reminders that we all know but sometimes forget to do (or simply feel we can’t do because you feel like you’re living paycheque to paycheque), such as aiming to contribute to a savings fund each month. And to help illustrate and drive the point home about how putting aside a bit of money can have an impact, it was an eye opening exercise to spend time actually looking at my lifestyle habits for where I can cut back a bit.

For example, if I were to cut out a daily $3 coffee (but let’s be real, my latte costs $4…) and eliminate $25 weekly of other spending (I probably spend that much if I go out for brunch on the weekend, or if no brunch, I buy random treats like magazines and ice cream throughout each week), over five years, I would save $7,194.

Other key takeaways from the morning spent at the Capital One Money Mindfulness:
  • Spend mindfully when shopping. Try to stay on track when you go to the mall or shop online. Get what you need and planned to buy but then stop yourself from adding the extra items you come across.
  • Know the details of your financial statements, including paying your bills on time, what the interest rates are, and what you’re paying each month (is it more than the minimum payment?).
  • Practice being mindful about your money on a daily basis. Being aware of your money situation every day is what will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

It’s time we stress less about financial matters by practicing smart habits to improve our financial health. I’m going to put some of these tips to practice (starting with putting aside a bit of cash into a savings account each month, I used to and then stopped!). How are you going to practice money mindfulness?


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Style Swellness: Simons x Douglas Coupland 3DCanada


me and my pal Doug

“Imagine you are sitting down in a chair and on a screen before you you are shown a bloody, ripping film of yourself undergoing surgery. The surgery saved your life. It was pivotal in making you you. But you don’t remember it. Or do you? Do we understand the events that make us who we are? Do we ever understand the factors that make us do the things we do?

When we sleep at night – when we walk across a field and see a tree full of sleeping birds – when we tell small lies to our friends – when we make love – what acts of surgery are happening to our souls – what damage and healing and shock are we going through that we will never be able to fathom? What films are generated that we will never be shown?”

That’s an excerpt from Douglas Coupland‘s book Shampoo Planet, which I read when I was in CEGEP, and it really, really struck such a chord with me (I’d had a very similar dream with the same theme around that time),so much so that I copied it down back then.

So having the chance to finally meet the author and artist on Friday at Simons was pretty damn exciting to me. And he was so warm and friendly (not sure why I was not expecting that?), even when I awkwardly blurted out that I’m a big fan of his work.



I was there for the media event for scanning and printing 3D busts. It’s a crowd-sourced art initiative, a collab between Simons and Coupland. Between 2015 and 2017, Coupland is traveling across the country to scan Canadians at existing and future Simons locations where we can each get scanned and take home a 3D bust of ourselves. And in 2019, Coupland will unveil 3DCanada, a sculpture made of hundreds of 3D busts, each one being 5 centimetres tall and 10 grams in weight. (I always knew I was meant to be a work of art, haha!)

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, is the 5th scanning event, and it’s taking place at the Simons in Square One Shopping Centre. (And the next scanning event set for the Rideau Centre in Ottawa in Fall 2016).

If you’re in the GTA, head to Simons in Square One tomorrow from noon until 12:30 to have your own scan and bust printed (you’ll find this happening on the second level). I’m so excited to receive my bust soon!

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Style Swellness: Apolis Market Bag


To market, to market…

So didja know me and Gisele Bundchen are like total twinsies? I mean, isn’t it obvious? No?

I not only tried on the Kenzo sweatshirt she has on here a few days ago(but decided against dropping that amount of cash — $495 — on a sweatshirt), I own the same Apolis Market Bag she’s toting.


I received the Apolis Market Bag on a press trip to Philly (where I’ll be in less than two weeks to run the marathon!) and I can’t get enough of it. The luxe leather handles. The waterproof lining that keeps the insides easily wipe down-able. It’s just so well made — I look forward to using it for years to come. It’s perfect for quick stops into the market to pick up a few ingredients for dinner.

I’ve got my eye on their Standard Tote, too, with the shoulder straps…

(Photo: DailyMail.co.uk)

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