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Style Swellness: Beth Richards Swimwear


How many swimsuits is too many swimsuits? I often pack more bikinis than days in the trip. What can I say, I like to have the option to choose my bathing suit outfit based on my mood and activity. Which is why after traveling steadily the past five years I still manage to overpack. I especially shake my head about this when I’m at a hot destination, where trip after trip, the majority of my time is spent in a swimsuit. Not that swimwear takes up much room, it’s the maxi dresses and cover-ups that do (and all of running gear).

With a wardrobe of bikinis, this can make for many different tan lines — I know, first-world problems. Because no matter how much SPF I slather on and reapply, I’m still in the sun and return home more golden than when I arrived.




I’ve been traveling regularly most of this year so I’m quite bronzed even though it’s mid-December. And so I was thinking a white swimsuit would be flattering right now, and fell in love with this playful two-piece from Vancouver-based designer Beth Richards; it’s the Sophia top and Naomi bottom I have here. The ruffle sleeve detail adds a little flirtiness, but overall the suit is modest and covers enough that I can comfortably wear it for the watersports I had planned in Grand Cayman last week (including SUP and kite surfing) without fear of any wardrobe malfunctions. I think the Naomi top would work well as a top worn with a long, flowy skirt for a casual beach dinner, too.


This is my first swimsuit from Beth Richards and I find the fabric of the two-piece is soft but durable; it’s slightly thicker and stronger to the touch than the other bikinis in my swimsuit wardrobe,  which is great. My only wish? That the Sophia top was lightly padded just to give me a little more shape and help in that area, haha. The Naomi bottom is flattering and doesn’t ride up, always a plus.

Now, what bather for my next adventure? Something for apres-ski hot tubbing is what’s up next on my itinerary. The Faye top in black from Beth Richards is pretty hot, bookmarking that…



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