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Healthy Swellness: Dove Positive Change

Dove You are beautiful

Change all of that negative self-talk that’s out there — that’s what Dove Canada is aiming to do with their new Dove Positive Change campaign.

Ever find yourself saying (and even tweeting or Facebook status-ing) less than lovely things about yourself: how that cupcake you’re gonna eat is gonna go straight to your derriere, for example, or how you’re having a bad hair day. Well, Dove wants to change that with their movement, Dove Positive Change. If you read a friend or tweep’s negative comment about themselves, reply back with something positive — and hashtag it #DovePositiveChange. Here’s an example from Dove:

Dove Positive Change

Do it. Believe in yourself and see the beauty in yourself and in others. It may take a little while to get the hang of it, but the payoff’s worth it.


1 Comment January 16, 2013

Journal your weight away

Could dropping some extra weight be as simple as putting pen to paper?

Yes, a writing exercise that takes just 15 minutes may help you shed those extra lbs, says a new study published in Psychological Science. Jotting down your thoughts about values important to you may help you lose more weight than if you don’t take the time to do so.

The study involved a group of 45 women with a BMI of 23 or higher who were asked to  rank the importance of a set of values (including everything from relationships to creativity), and half the group was asked to write about a value close to their heart, while the other half were asked to write about a value less key to them. Four months later, those who wrote about an important value had lost some weight whereas the others had put on some weight.

The thinking is that by writing about values important to you helps you feel better, and so you may not be as apt to eat that unnecessary snack, for example.

Something to consider if “losing weight” made it onto your list of resolutions for 2012.

(Journal, Christian Lacroix Papier)

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Luxury goods help repair self-esteem

So I’m pretty darn certain that what this study is telling me is that if I don’t do as well as I’m hoping in my upcoming half-marathon, that I have a good reason to buy myself a designer handbag:

When your ego is threatened, you’re more likely to spend more on a luxury purchase and to charge it on a credit card. Two studies were conducted involving a computer test, and participants who were told their test results revealed them to be not too bright, those people were more willing to splurge and use plastic. (you can get the full deets in the link above).

But the finding that caught my interest most, and this is a direct quote:

“Luxury items are especially effective at reassuring us of our value.”

See? What’d I tell ya? Maybe I won’t try so hard in my race after all… :)

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