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Fitness Swellness: How to prevent common running injuries


I’m not a physiotherapist, I just run a lot.

(Did you read that and hear it in your head like that dirty chorus in that Big Pun song? Enjoy having that stuck in your head all day…you’re welcome!)

Back to running — I get asked all the time what to do for shin splints or IT band issues or some other running injury. Other than a few stretches for some types of aches and pains, I usually can’t offer much advice as I’ve — knock on wood — never had to deal with an injury (other than scraping the skin off both kneecaps when I tripped over my own two feet, and that doesn’t count) so I’ve never immersed myself into the topic.

But I do have some help for you now — check out this post I wrote for CanadianLiving.com addressing a few common running injuries and how you can prevent them.


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Achy knees? Strengthen your hips

Many runners experience knee pain (I get questions about knee issues all the time and always count my lucky stars that my knees have been pain-free thus far) — and one of the most common injuries is patellofemoral pain (PFP is when the thigh bone rubs against the back of the knee cap — ouch!).

The good news for those with these achy knees? A new study from Indiana University has found that hip strengthening exercises (such as squats and those using a resistance band) that focus on strengthening the abductors and external rotators resulted in significantly less PFP pain and improved runners’ gaits.

For some exercises that strengthen your hip abductors, here are a few from livestrong.com.

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