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Travel Swellness: 48 hours in Seattle

delicious burger

I went sleepless in Seattle (well, not completely — but I did pack a lot into three days and sacrificed a few zzz’s) and discovered many gems in the city. One of being this burger. Which I shared with a friend, she’s lucky I didn’t tackle her for her half. That good, people.

Find out where to get this burger and a few of my other favourite sights in Seattle over at Travel + Escape.

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Foodie Swellness: Hawker Bar


What: Hawker Bar

Where: 164 Ossington Ave.

Atmosphere: Casual. Fun. Small and cozy. Sorry, can’t be more detailed than that — I was so enraptured by the food I was eating (and catching up with a friend) that everything else is a bit fuzzy.

Go here if: You want some amazingly flavourful tasty food. Can someone who’s been to Vietnam Singapore and Hawker Bar tell me if this is the type if food I can expect in Vietnam? (CORRECTION: I have no idea why I had Vietnam in mind, but Hawker Bar is actually Singaporean street food! I’ve been to Singapore, but the trip was quite short and I never got to explore the street food, though). Because if so, Vietnam Singapore has shot right up to my top five on my travel wishlist (as I said, I’ve already been, but have been dying to go back!). I went to the restaurant with high expectations (I’d read some phenomenal reviews) and was fully prepared to order all of the snacks on the menu. Our amused waitress told us that three to four would be filling enough for the two of us. Oh. Drat. So I scaled back reluctantly…


The chili salt tofu (what’s that cray cray addictive house bbq sauce??) I could eat every day. The Singapore chicken wings? Like whoa. A million times better than some pricier wings I had at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Cucumber salad was ok; it didn’t blow my mind but it was a refreshing side and helped cool things off.

I anxiously await my next visit there. Who wants to go?? And I’ll try to not lose myself in the food so much next time so I can tell you a little more…

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Foodie Swellness: North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

photo 1

What: North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Where: 650 1/2 Queen St. W., Toronto

Atmosphere: Comfortable little nook with industrial-style seating and rustic wood bar counter and chairs.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Go here if: You want need to refuel with a light snack while out shopping along Queen St. West.

What you must order: Several slices of the neapolitan-style pizza if you’re quite famished. The slice I had was yummy–I like the delicate, crisp crust and the balance of ingredients on top–but it was so thin and light that I think I could’ve easily eaten four more slices (and it’s not like I’m a linebacker who eats a heavy volume of food). I’ve only been once so I plan on popping in more often to try more slices (which cost from $3.90 to $4.40 per slice) and the arugula salad.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria sign

P.S. For the record, I’m not fond of the term “foodie,” but I couldn’t think of another name for the category. If I do (got a suggestion? Email me!), I’ll be changing it up.

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