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How to have a rosy outlook

You can become a better at predicting your future happiness if you really factor in your personality, says a new study from Psychological Science.

Say you’re normally a pretty grumpy lady. You may think some significant event is going to make you elated, but it doesn’t–it seems that we experience “personality neglect” in which we forget that we are generally just a sourpuss.

The good news is that if you take into your consideration your personality and choose to live your life in a way that will help boost your chances of future happiness, well, then you’re on track to being happier. The example the researchers gave: you’re planning on a little getaway. If you know if one crummy meal or inferior accomodations will make the entire trip a failure to you, then spend lots of time planning and researching every step of your holiday.

P.S. And if all else fails, fill your life with tons of the uplifting shade of honeysuckle–Pantone’s colour of 2011–and pretty, rosy clothing, such as this little number from Nanette Lepore. (Image: style.com)

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Pursuit of happiness

Surround yourself with shiny, happy people: happiness (and sadness) is contagious much like an infection, says research from Harvard University and MIT. Their research, which involved tracking more than 1,800 people since 1948, has found that you can recover from discontent more quickly than happiness, however, it is more contagious.

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Organic growth

Although packing your troubles away may be what you need to achieve closure, I love the idea of jotting down your happy hopes and dreams into an eco-friendly Botanical Paperworks journal and then planting it , growing your thoughts into a pretty wildflower garden.

(Admittedly, I was initially disappointed that only the journal’s cover is made with the wildflower-seeded paper. That said, writing on the seed-embedded sheets is somewhat difficult, making the smooth eco-friendy inner sheets a very welcome writing surface; plus this way, you get to hold onto your pages of brilliant ideas and musings.)

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