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Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report

Red Carpet Manicure

Nall-job craving: To finally try the Kiss Gel Polish System I got weeks ago from Walmart.

How I satisfied that craving: It being summer, I opted for the fruity watermelon-esque shade of Juicy. The kit was surprisingly easy to use. Next time, I think I could probably afford to apply thinner coats of the polish. But I was pleased as punch with how shiny and flaw-free I was able to do this mani, and it lasted me a whole week (probably would’ve lasted longer but I took it off for a new nail product I had to try out).

How this nail colour makes me feel: It’s not as juicy as Shellac Tropix, but it’s a comfortable colour to wear. It’s practically a neutral for me after all the nail art and neons I often wear. The colour is a bit salmon-esque (and I was salmon fishing when I snapped this photo out in the Bute Inlet in British Columbia, fancy that! I’m sure my fishing guide was tres impressed I was focused on my nails during the excursion…).

Love it or hate it: Love. Can’t wait to try more shades from the Kiss line. As for removal, I had it removed at Tips Nail Bar so I can’t yet speak to if it was relatively simple for me to do at home.

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Beauty Swellness: Kiss Gel Polish System from Walmart

Kiss gel products Walmart

When Walmart asks you to see what you can score at their store for just $100 in a frugal shopping challenge, what do you do? You say hellz yeah, well, that is if you’re me and you kinda sorta (completely) like (love) shopping.

So I trekked over to my local Walmart and headed straight to the cosmetics department. Because wouldn’t you if you saw at-home soak-off gel manicures as pretty as this?

Sometimes Fancy mani

And this?

Sometimes Fancy

Those lovely nails belong to my friend Lindsay of Sometimes Fancy and she’d done them using the Kiss at-home gel system. So once I beelined to the nail section, I scooped up the UV lamp, the starter kit and the two polishes Linds used (yeah, totally SWF, erm, SAF situation over here) and it totalled almost exactly $100.

Walmart receipt

Considering that’d be about the cost of two, maybe three, professional gel manicures, I’m pretty sure this is one of those situations where you gotta spend money to save money. Dontcha love those scenarios?

Not that I’m going to give up my spa manicures (when you end up with nails this good, it’d just be wrong to give up), but I can get them less often. Plus, this DIY gel system also means that I could potentially try doing some nail art myself since I can use regular nail polish over top of the Kiss gel, and easily swipe it off with nail polish remover if I make a mistake for a do over.

I’m going to try this as soon as I get back home from traveling out west!

Next Walmart shopping excursion, I’m picking up products so I can get cuticles as healthy and perfect as Lindsay’s (You can discover her elaborate regimen here).

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