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Beauty Swellness: Why I don’t leave home without my Panasonic Nanoe™ Compact Travel Hair Dryer


If there are two things I do a lot of it is travelling and blow-drying my hair. My work calls for me to go out of town a fair bit (even though I am cutting back on it as I know I need more time at home), and as for the blow-drying, since I work out regularly and sweat a lot, I’m frequently showering twice a day (to get ready for the day and then again post-workout), and that often calls for blow drying twice a day.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about these two things as going hand in hand, and that’s because I’ve been testing out the brand-new Panasonic Nanoe™ Compact Travel Hair Dryer, and this little addition to my beauty toolkit has helped me out with both my time on the road and at home.

I never used to travel with a hair dryer and never really understood the point of travel hair dryers–after all, don’t all accommodations have a hair dryer in the room? But now having traveled regularly for the past six years and having been forced to use the often terrible ones at hotels (you’d be surprised at how many places still offer the old-fashioned weak ones that are attached to the wall and look like a Flowbee) I’ve paid for it with bad-hair days. This is why I’m now making room in my carry-on for the Panasonic Nanoe Compact Travel Hair Dryer. It’s not a big deal to bring it along, since it’s so compact thanks to being foldable.


So now I can rest assured I have the right tool for the job when I’m away from home. This powerful  1,400-watt hair dryer is lightweight, and its Nanoe™ technology helps minimize damage from brushing (which is helpful since I find my hair can often feel dry and damaged, I think because of all the shampooing and heat I expose it to). The proprietary Nanoe™ technology draws water from the air to fortify hair with moisture-rich particles that reduce the damage caused by everyday brushing, leaving hair smoother and shinier. Since using this dryer, I’ve noticed my hair is a little more brilliant and less parched.

It has so many other great features going for it, I often reach for  it first even at home  instead of my non-travel/usual hairdryer. It comes with a quick-dry nozzle that puts out both strong and soft airflows so you can get the job done faster–and if you know me at all, you know very well how I’m often rushing last minute to get out of the house, so I can definitely use any tool that helps me get ready quicker. If I’m on time for events or meeting with friends, well, that’s thanks to precious time saved with this impressive little hair dryer.

I can’t quite say I’ve come to love the routine task of blow-drying , but it’s definitely less of a chore, and you always feel more confident when heading out the door on a good-hair day, am I right?

The Panasonic Nanoe™ Compact Hair Dryer has an MSRP of $99.99 and is available at T&T Supermarket locations and at Panasonic.com.




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Beauty Swellness: Matrix Color Lounge App


I haven’t coloured my hair in a couple of years, but it’s definitely something I consider from time to time. But one reason I colour it rarely is because I worry about not being happy with the colour. It’s hard to imagine what I’ll look like with a particular colour or technique, but now a free colour consultation is as easy as making a few taps on your smartphone.

The new Matrix Color Lounge App (available for desktop, iOS and Android devices) lets you try different shades and styles (from ombre to painting, for example); all it takes is uploading a portrait and using the app to change your colour is pretty intuitive. With hundreds of combinations, you may find yourself playing with different looks for hours (I speak from personal experience!). Plus, there app also tells you what haircare products it recommends for your hair look (so you can be sure to keep it looking its best).

Go for a new look for spring perhaps? I know I’m considering it (I’ve got a deep auburn shade on here…).




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Beauty Swellness: Moroccanoil Customizable Travel Kit

Moroccanoil travel kits


Perhaps the most difficult part about traveling with just a carry-on? Packing toiletries and cosmetics, who’s with me?? After all, there are the products I know and love, and yet they won’t all easily fit into my small luggage.

Which makes the news  of this limited-edition Moroccanoil Customizable Travel Kit particularly sweet. Select any four of the travel-friendly sized products (ranging in price from $9 to $17) pack them into the complimentary croc-embossed bag (well, first into your clear ziplock bag if you’re boarding a flight) and you’re all set for your next trip when it comes to caring for your hair with the smoothing and hydrating benefits oil argan oil. After all, when you’re in different environments, plus the dry air on planes, your hair can use the extra hydration from these antioxidant-rich products.


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