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Healthy Swellness: What are your 3-year goals?

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When it comes to setting goals, I’ll admit, I falter when it comes to long-term goals. And I’ve found out I’m not alone. In a survey conducted with millenial women, 67 percent find that classic job interview question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” overwhelming. I know that sometimes I feel like I don’t even know what I”m doing next month, never mind in five years.

With today being International Women’s Day comes the launch of the #3YearGoals campaign. Today, after all, is about celebrating women’s achievements, and empowering women to continue to make strides toward equal rights. So, rather than 5 year goals, which may seem overwhelming, let’s think in terms of 3 year goals. This way we can actually set goals since this is a time frame we can wrap our heads around. (The same survey found that 85 percent of the millenial women who took part in the survey feel empowered to set goals with a three-year time frame and that 80 percent know what they want to achieve in the next three years.)

And what better spokespeople for this #3YearGoals campaign that the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, Chloe, Justine and Maxime, the Olympic skiers who made Canadian history last month by placing first, second and third at the Freestyle Ski World Cup. Three women who obviously know how to set goals and achieving them.


When I think of the next three years. I’d like to set a few goals for myself centred around fitness and travel. For fitness, well, this is a goal I’ve had for a little over a year, and have yet to achieve, which is qualify for the Boston Marathon. I came so close to qualifying without realizing it in 2014 in the Chicago Marathon…and have yet to come that close again since 2015 was a very disappointing race year for me. First step I need to do when it comes to reaching this goal within the next three years: wrap my head and heart around training, really training hard, because I know I can qualify. But it may (will…) call for traveling less often so that I can train more seriously. And I will admit, I am reluctant to give up on the traveling. In any case, since I think I can only manage two qualifying marathons a year, this gives me six attempts to qualify. Deep breaths…I can do this.



As for my travel goal? Take at least one true vacation a year. A trip I don’t have to write about. Where I’m not running around to do and see as much as possible (unless that’s what I want to do!). I know you may not believe me, but the traveling I do is certainly enjoyable and exciting but it’s also tiring. I actually took a vacation last year to Vancouver and it was wonderful not to have my brain constantly thinking about work (that’s the downside of being freelance, it ain’t all workin’ in your PJs, ya know!).



And let’s just throw in a third goal since we are talking in threes right now. This one’s a biggie…I’d like to adopt a dog. This, too, is a goal I’ve had on my mind for awhile, but it’s just not been the right time. I want to be able to have the time and energy that having a dog calls for. I’ve done a ton of reading of what type of breed I’d like, but this was before I became a runner (and so I only chose low-energy dogs). I’ll start my research again. Just no one tell my two cats yet, OK? They’re already stressed out enough as it is.

(edited) Alright, now that I’ve been thinking about nothing other than #3YearGoals all night, I have one to add, and this one is a biggie: In three years, I’d like this blog to be my main focus and source of income. Right now, I focus more on freelance writing, which I enjoy. and do want to continue doing. But to be earning enough on my own little project, well, that’d be major.

What would your #3YearGoals be? By March 2019, where do you want to be in terms of career, finances or school (those were the top ranked priorities in the survey)? While you’re thinking about this, do you want to have a baby in the next three years? 60 percent responsded they do not want to have a baby in the next three years. If you were to unintentionally get pregnant, how would this impact your goals? If having a baby in the next three years isn’t in your plans for the next three years, talk to your doctor about what your contraceptive options are, and you can also learn about some different contraceptive options on www.birthcontrolforme.ca.

Because when setting your goals, you also have to make a plan to help you reach them, and this includes foreseeing any possible barriers and having tactics ready to overcome them (you know what, this goal setting and planning calls for doing a SWOT analysis…ah, so I DO remember something from my marketing degree from Concordia after all!).

So, ladies, let’s do this together. Three years from now, where do you want to be?

Oh, and stay tuned for the next #3YearGoals post to come in the month of April!


(Goal Digger image from BelleChic)





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Ah, yes, New Year’s Resolutions…

I made a completely frivolous purchase the other day at Anthropologie: a very pretty, fairytale-like dress that is not even “my style” but that I completely swooned over. “Sometimes you just need the dress, not an occasion,” said the very wise girl at the cash.

Most def.

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How to be more satisfied

Can’t get no satisfaction? Your problem may lie in how you set goals, according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. If you’re a cautious person who tends to set conservative goals, you have a harder time being satisfied than those who set lofty, ambitious goals. Seems that even though you reach your goal, you start to raise your expectations and start comparing yourself to higher standards.

The lesson here? Aim high. Go for gold. That’s what I’m taking from it, anyhow.


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