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Beauty Swellness: Nail Report: Evil eye manicure

evil eye manicure right hand

Nail-art craving: I’ve been into the evil eye look (I had this evil eye manicure in the fall, remember?) and I thought it’d be appropriate for my “marathon manicure” for the Around the Bay 30k race I’m running this Sunday. The evil eye will ward off any ill will, and help me avoid that Grim Reaper dude who’s always near the end of this difficult, hilly race. I also like the graphic patterns designer Mara Hoffman is known for, and mentioned this to Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar earlier this week.

How I satisfied that craving: Leeanne ran with the idea and created this flashy, graphic nail art for me using Shellac Cream Puff anbd Black Pool and Gelish You Glare I Glow (I forget the colour used for the blue eyes). It took two hours of painstaking work by Leeanne, she’s amazing–always makes sure each detail on the nail is perfect.

How this nail art makes me feel: Protected. Invincible.

Love it or hate it: LOVE. Bring it on, Around the Bay and your crazy hills. I’m ready.

evil eye manicure left hand

3 Comments March 28, 2014

Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report: My Tips Nail Bar evil eye manicure

evil eye mani

Nail craving: I had a mish mash of items I saw online that had caught my attention in terms of nail — very playful and graphic and I knew I wanted to have an evil eye in the manicure, too.

How I satisfied that craving: I showed Leeanne Colley of Tips Nail Bar (I went there this weekend while traipsing around town in a Ford Focus for my #focusonmytown weekend,  more on that in another post) a few of the different things I had in mind, and she suggested the amazing maniecure you see above! She used CND Shellac in Black Pool Cream Puff and Azure Wish, along with two clear base coats and two tops coats.

(Coincidentally, doesn’t it just pop out against the vivid blue paint job of the Ford Focus?)

How this manicure makes me feel: I think it wicked cool so it just makes me feel more excited than the crowds at the Phillip Lim for Target collection launch yesterday! (and those people were cray cray excited)

Love it or hate it: Love, love, love. It’s up there amongst my favourites.

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