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The Weekly Nail Report — the Louboutin edition

Nail-job craving: Nine weeks ago, I saw BeautyGeeks Janine Falcon with her Louboutin mani and knew I had to have it right away. Then why the heck did I wait nine weeks to get it then? Because at the time, I had JUST cut my nails as short as they could go — doh! And it took me this long to get my nails to grow long enough for this lil nail job.

How I satisfied that craving: I trekked on over to Tips Nail Bar. In terms of colour combo, Leeanne and I discussed how the best combos are with a big contrast in between the colours. Since I wasn’t keen on having a dark shade underneath my nails (nor on my nail — feels wrong to me since it’s spring now), we went with a pastel blue with the subtlest of glitters on my nails with a subtle empty moon — it’s Artistic Color Gloss in Tease. Then, on the reverse side (the underside of my nail tips), Leeanne applied neon pink China Glaze in Pool Party, followed by a top coat.

How this nail colour make me feel: Like I perhaps need some therapy to help me with my nail obsession, as it’s reaching all sorts of new  levels. How’s that? Well:

  1. I never have my nails this long, so I’m constantly touching the tips.
  2. I usually have my nails in a squoval shape — this oval shape is brand new to me so I can’t stop looking at them (even more than usual). In fact, I think some chick on the subway thought I was some weirdo as I saw her watching my staring at my fingers, ha ha. I totally think my oval nails look like those fake nails they use to show you what a nail polish colour looks like. (And btw in case you want to make your fingers look slimmer, I think this does the trick.)
  3. Now, not only do I have my nail colour to look at lovingly, I just have to turn my hand over and there’s a whole new shade to admire — doubling my nail-admiration time.

Love it or hate it: Love.

5 Comments April 13, 2012

Introducing the Schick Quattro for Women Style Squad!

I know — you’ve been wondering how you can get more Health & Swellness into your life, right?

The blog, my tweets, my freelance articles on various outlets and my posts on thekit.ca just simply are not enough!

Well, then, you’re in luck!

I’m part of the brand spanking new, just launched today Schick Quattro for Women Style Squad! Along with Beautygeeks Janine Falcon and A Haute Mess Niki Blasina, we’re going to be all over the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page for the next several months, so you can get plenty more of the F-U-N and advice you’ve come to expect from the three of us right on Facebook!

So go on and “like” the Schick Quattra for Women Canada Facebook page, will ya? And leave comments and such? Yes? Awesome sauce.

8 Comments December 7, 2011

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