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Foodie Swellness: McDonald’s new CBO

Chowing down on a CBO

So McDonald’s® has launched a new sandwich for their regular menu in Canada: the CBO® (which stands for Chicken, Bacon, Onion). The CBO is actually based on a similar McDonald’s sandwich in France, with a few tweaks to make it fit the Canadian market. The CBO is composed of a crispy seasoned chicken filet, black pepper and onion sauce, hickory-smoked bacon and crispy onions, all on an artisan-style sesame and onion bun.

McDonald's CBO

(And if you’re wondering what a health writer and marathoner is doing eating McDonald’s, well, you can check out my blog bio — but in a nutshell, I’m all about balance, and I don’t pretend to eat only kale and quinoa day in and day out…I try to eat real, unprocessed food most of the time and a quick scan at my Instagram, I’m @healthandswellness, and you’ll see I eat what I love, and I love a lot of different foods).

When I do go to McDonald’s, I often order the McChicken sandwich (for breakfast, it’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg) so I was curious to see how the CBO would taste given my fondness for their classic chicken burger. I got a chance to attend an exclusive event and get an advance taste of the CBO (although it has rolled out on a low-key basis) in Toronto last week. McDonald’s cashier was my very first job ever so it was fun to take part in one of their launches now in the role of food lover. And, hey, I will never turn down McDonald’s French Fries. Here’s some footage from that evening (Eek! I am so not comfortable in front of a camera!)


First bite of the CBO and I found it quite enjoyable: the chicken is juicy and I like the savoury pepper and onion sauce. Also, the bacon is chopped up, which makes it easier to eat than strips or a round of bacon, and helps ensure you get some bacon with every bite (one of the reasons the CBO recipe was re-designed in Canada). I actually don’t recall seeing the crispy onion bits. Although I start eating the sandwich and find myself enjoying the onion bun, I find that as I eat more of the sandwich, the onion taste is a bit overwhelming (plus, it’s reminding me that I used to eat onion buns way too often in university). Perhaps it’s the combination of both crispy onion bits and the onion bun that’s onion overload for me…By the last few bites of the sandwich, I find myself eating just the insides of the sandwich.

All in all, I enjoyed the sandwich and could see myself ordering it when I’m feeling like something different than my usual. I’d say it’s a fancier version of a McChicken (McDonald’s even calls the CBO bun “artisanal,” how very hipster of them…). I wonder if I could get the CBO on a regular sesame bun? That might make my palate happier (but then I’d be one of those customers I used to dread with their convoluted custom orders…).

Have you tried the CBO yet? Thoughts??


McDonald's CBO sandwich and fries

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Foodie Swellness: When Pigs Fry tour in Toronto

 When Pigs Fry

I’ve been to some pretty incredible destinations over the past few years. And I often start to wonder “Why do I live in Toronto again?” (especially when there’s flooding, snowstorms, horrible humidity back home to contend with). There’s always some sort of strange weather I manage to miss when I’m away, that I read about on Twitter and see on Instagram as I’m watching ocean waves crash onto the shore in Barbados, or while I’m in Singapore eating one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

So I’m always looking for things to love about the Toronto. And, yes, I know, I know, there’s lots to love. For example, it is Hogtown, after all (and I am a bacon lover!) —  and I learned all about the city’s Hogtown roots in the Urban Adventures new When Pigs Fry tour some weeks ago.

The three-hour tour ($59) includes stops at a few places where you learn about pork and of course, you get to taste dishes at several tasty piggy restos — trust me, arrive with an empty stomach as you’ll be trying pulled pork poutine and so many more delicious porky foods. I made the mistake of having brunch the morning of my tour and had to skip the peameal sandwich at our first stop. Sigh. It still hurts when I think about that lost opportunity.

Throw in some piggy trivia (complete with pork-based treats if you get the question right) while hanging out with some fellow bacon-loving foodies, how’s that for a fun afternoon?

When Pigs Fry, Urban Adventures. Check it out.


2 Comments July 16, 2013

Style Swellness: Bitty Piglet ring

Shop Lost and Found piglet ring

I suppose this could be for your favourite foodie, bacon lover or just anyone with a quirky sense of style? Not sure (you’ll have to excuse me, my head is indeed a bit fuzzy this week thanks to a cold), but this little ring (available at Lost & Found) is a cutie and should go wee wee wee all the way home with a loved one (or you!) this Christmas.

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