Healthy Swellness: Colgate Total Advanced Health Daily Repair Confessions + GIVEAWAY


First things first: Products were provided to me by Colgate-Palmolive, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

Alright, alright, so in theory I generally aim to take better care of myself. But in reality, sometimes my healthy habits could use some improvement. I could drink more water. I should establish a consistent sleep schedule. And I could floss more, and I probably could brush for a longer period of time (I’m currently using a manual toothbrush that doesn’t have a built-in timer so it’s likely not the recommended two minutes. Who am I kidding? It’s definitely not the recommended two minutes!).

Why am I ‘fessing up on  on what I could be doing more of to improve my health? Well, because I’ve partnered with Colgate to challenge myself to reveal the health upgrades I could be doing more of.

So yes, I slack on flossing. And on brushing time. I also don’t use mouthwash regularly. Geez, I’m not doing very well on this little personal evaluation, am I?

With my focus right now on healthy intentions, Colgate sent me the Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair Toothpaste and Colgate* Slim Soft™ Toothbrush (oh yeah, changing my toothbrush every few months, something else I don’t do regularly, oops!). I was happy to break into them and add them to my daily routine because it helps pick up the slack since I’m now very clearly and very much aware that I’m not the greatest when it comes to good mouth health habits. Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair Toothpaste contains a multi-active formula that helps not just maintain but repair early teeth and gum damage. It does this by remineralizing weakened enamel (so this means your teeth become stronger), preventing cavities, and boosting gum health thanks to how it fights plaque- and gingivitis-causing bacteria.

So while it certainly doesn’t entirely make up for those areas of healthy dental habits where I’m failing somewhat, it does put me a little more on team healthy.

Now, don’t let me do all this on my own, folks! Confess what you could be doing better when it comes to your health and you’ll be entered into my giveaway with Colgate with the prize being one $250 CAD giftcard to Fairmont Hotels. (You can find rules and regulations here.)

Need more incentive? Well, share your #ColgateDailyRepair confession here via Rafflecopter and you’ll be entered into my giveaway courtesy of Colgate of a $250 CAD giftcard to Fairmont Hotels.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive.

No purchase necessary. The Contest is open to legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec, who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence as of the date of entry.  Must correctly answer, unaided, a mathematical skill testing question to be declared a winner. Entries for the contest must be received between July 25, 2016 and August 1, 2016. For a complete list of rules and regulations, please click here.


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Healthy Swellness: My Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water #evenbetter goal

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A couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to get #evenbetter with my running, specifically in terms of improving my pace. And to help me reach that goal, I had a few tactics in mind, including hydrating with Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water, which contains the #powerof50 cranberries.

I suppose I should remind you that speed work is not my favourite. Nor is sweating. But I’ve been down about my pace slowing significantly so my hope was that this goal would give me the push I needed to kick-start my training for a fall race.

During my two weeks working on my goal, the weather was hot, I traveled both to New York City and Sayulita, and life was, as usual, just plain hectic. But having the goal to work towards, as well as clear strategies to get me there, worked. In NYC, having not run in a day or so, I committed to getting out of my hotel before 5 a.m. for a short sprint, and this night owl managed to do it.

On a warm Saturday evening, I was very close to putting off my tempo run, but I knew that’d set me back from meeting my goal, and so I ran just as the sun was setting.

And on a particularly hot afternoon, when I would’ve normally eased into a comfortable pace, I was lucky to have my running buddy with me, and she motivated me and helped get me through this run in which we ran tempo and then fartleks.


Hydration also played a key role in helping me working toward my goal. I’m a heavy sweater so I should hydrate more than I do. With a supply of Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water it was easy to keep hydrated throughout the day since it’s tasty (I always resist drinking plain water as I’m simply not a fan), and the subtle flavour worked well as a drink during my training as it didn’t bother my stomach (always key during a run!). My favourite flavour was Cranberry Pomegranate for running, but I did enjoy having a variety of flavours for sipping when not training.

So did I achieve my goal? While my comfortable pace is still slower than I am happy with, I did learn that when pushing myself to run faster for a shorter distance than I usually train for, I am not as slow as I think I am. When I ran with my friend, she was checking our pace to make sure we were on track and she had us rein in our pace at one point as we were running a sub 5 min/km pace, and that was a nice surprise.


I’m happy to know, thanks to this #evenbetter goal, that I can reach target speeds when I set my mind to it.

Being well-hydrated is always a good idea, so I think being able to enjoy low-cal, tasty Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water set me on a good track both for my goal and my overall wellness. If, like me, you haven’t been able to get on the water train because you find it bland, you might have more success hydrating with Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water.

So that’s my #evenbetter goal completed. How about you? What small goal will you challenge yourself to?

Ocean Spray® PACt® Cranberry Extract Water is a tasty and low-calorie way to hydrate in a more meaningful way. Packed with the power of 50 cranberries, PACt® Cranberry Extract Water delivers unique cranberry health benefits. Visit to learn more and find out where to buy PACt® water at a store near you.


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Ocean Spray® via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Ocean Spray®.


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Foodie Swellness: My portrait by latte artist Michael Breach


Last week, I attended the launch of Natrel Milk Bar by Java U. It’s the first Toronto location of Java U (which I used to go to when I was in university in Montreal) and it’s changed since I used to go  but the coffee and sandwiches are still good. I’ll be posting about it soon on Vitamin Daily so I’ll save the details for that post.

For the launch, they brought in Michael Breach from NYC, who you may know as he’s famous for his latte portraits (he’s on Instagram @baristart and was introduced to us as the Da Vinci of latte art), and I was super excited I was in town for this launch. I get a kick out of the pretty designs on lattes, and to be able to have my portrait done, so fun! (I briefly considered getting one of my cats, but decided nah, I decided it was all about me that day!).

I was told it takes him about 6-7 minutes a portrait, but as per my video, he completed mine just shy of 4 minutes. It’s incredible how accurate it is (well, my one eye got kind of pulled down, not sure if that’s from when I picked up the coffee to go take a photo of it).

More about Natrel Milk Bar by Java U on Vitamin Daily soon, and here’s more about Michael Breach (he’s worked with Amy Schumer!).

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