Yes, I ate a foie gras ‘double down’

March 19, 2012

Last month, I ate dinner for the first time at Joe Beef in Montreal. I’d heard about the restaurant before, but it was the rave tweets from chefs David Chang of Momofuku (at Ko, ate one of my favourite meals of all time) and Anthony Bourdain (I adore this book of his) that got me (eye infection and all) to drag my butt there in February.

I split Joe Beef’s version of the double down with Janine of BeautyGeeks as an appetizer — the Joe Beef double down is two pieces of battered and fried foie gras, with cheese and bacon in the middle.

It was simply too rich. (Yes, there’s such a thing! Think of the richest things you’ve eaten and triple it)

For my main, I had the guinea hen (above) prepared two ways: confit and fried (sort of prepared like a schnitzel). Very tasty, but at that point after the double down plus we’d received a complimentary plate of smoke eel fritters, well, I’d had my fill of fried foods, so I ended up taking most of it back to my hotel minifridge.

This here is Lindsay of Sometimes Fancy‘s meal. I forget what it’s called but it arrived in a Le Creuset-type stockpot large enough to feed a family of SIX. No joke. That’s a lot of sausage, my friends. I’ve dubbed it the sausage fest.

There are only certain types of desserts I am fond of, and this is way up there on my favourites now: hazelnut soft-serve ice cream made on the premises. Incredible.  It was actually a twist type of ice cream, but I forget the other flavour…Ate every last spoonful and then I rolled my very full self back to my hotel room.

Next trip to Montreal, I am so going back to Joe Beef if I can. Very chill atmosphere (I appreciated the 90s hip hop playing when we were there). Next time, I’ll just try to have more than just fried foods. Maybe even a vegetable or two.

Joe Beef, 2491 Notre Dame Ouest, Montreal.

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