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New workout gear collection from Old Navy

I’ve come to the realization that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to workout gear — I don’t feel guilty about buying more of it ever (after all, it’s all going to be worn when I’m doing something healthy — if you recall, I don’t believe one should wear yoga pants unless you’re in or going to or coming from yoga class).

So I have an overflowing trunk of it. That I keep adding to. And adding to. (I buy some pieces and am lucky enough to get gear to try out through work; friends also know they can’t go wrong with a birthday gift of a great running top).

And now Old Navy’s launched a new collection of gear, Active by Old Navy, that’s calling my name. Flattering fits (much improved over the gear I last tried from them) in super cute colours and patterns.

I’m gonna need a new trunk.

2 Comments October 20, 2011

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