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Style Swellness: The “Am I wearing pants?” Guide


It’s nearly two years old, but this Buzzfeed guide to “Am I wearing pants?” is not only guffaw-y goodness, it’s also pretty darn useful based on the fashion crimes I see about town. But who am I to talk? I’m sure some people think I could occasionally benefit from the “Am I wearing a dress?” Guide

(I remember having to draw up flow charts in some wonderful–and by wonderful I mean boring–business course in university. If only the topics we’d had to work on had been as giggly fun as this!)

While on the topic of pants, what’re your thoughts on yoga pants as pants pants? You know, for errands, dinner or even the office (ie. anything other than fitness)? Have your say over on the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page on my wall post on the topic, please! (Y’all know I’m the health expert on the Schick Style Squad, right?). I’m totally on team yoga-pants-are-for-yoga…but I have a feeling I’m outnumbered…

141 Comments March 7, 2013

New workout gear collection from Old Navy

I’ve come to the realization that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to workout gear — I don’t feel guilty about buying more of it ever (after all, it’s all going to be worn when I’m doing something healthy — if you recall, I don’t believe one should wear yoga pants unless you’re in or going to or coming from yoga class).

So I have an overflowing trunk of it. That I keep adding to. And adding to. (I buy some pieces and am lucky enough to get gear to try out through work; friends also know they can’t go wrong with a birthday gift of a great running top).

And now Old Navy’s launched a new collection of gear, Active by Old Navy, that’s calling my name. Flattering fits (much improved over the gear I last tried from them) in super cute colours and patterns.

I’m gonna need a new trunk.

2 Comments October 20, 2011

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