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Healthy Swellness: 1-Day Acuvue Define Lenses


Today, October 8th, is World Sight Day. You maybe haven’t heard yet as it doesn’t get as much buzz as Doughnut Day, to name just one of the now seemingly endless days celebrating just about everything, but it’s an important one as people the world over raise awareness about vision impairment and blindness, and encourage #eyecareforall.

It’s a great reminder to donate old glasses you no longer wear to a non-profit (I’m sure you have some thrown into a drawer somewhere) and to book an appointment to get your eyes checked if you haven’t been in over a year. I know it’s something I forget to book but I’ve been on track lately as my eyes have been dry and I should switch to daily contact lenses because they’ve advanced a lot since the type I’ve been wearing for awhile.

My new favourite lenses actually do a little more than give me the ability to see clearly. The 1-Day Acuvue Define create contrast between your limbal ring (the outer ring around your eye) and your sclera (the white part of your eye) for a more defined and healthier-looking eye, a look that is also considered to look more fresh and youthful. These are not coloured contacts per se (they’re nothing like the green contacts I used to wear back in the day!), the contrast is so subtle that it’s unlikely anyone will even notice a difference other than you look a little bit more fresh and smize-y.

There are three shades available, Natural Sparkle, Natural Shimmer and Natural Shine; I’ve got on the type with the most contrast (Natural Shine). And as for health benefits, these Define lenses block approximately 81 per cent of UV-A radiation and 97 per cent of UV-B radiation.

LWBB. Lenses with beauty benefits. I like to think of them as my little secret way of looking a little more bright-eyed and bushy tailed every day.


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Healthy Swellness: World Sight Day and ClearlyContacts.ca and Change the View’s #whoblinkedfirst

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Thursday, October 9th, 2014, is World Sight Day. And to help raise awareness and to help prevent vision loss, Change the View in partnership with ClearlyContacts.ca is launching a global #whoblinkedfirst campaign.

And you can help and it’s so easy to do so — all you have to do is share the #whoblinkedfirst video on social media on World Sight Day, and ClearlyContacts.ca will give the gift of sight on your behalf — they will donate a pair of prescription eyeglasses, Vitamin A tablets or UV protective sunglasses to someone in need.

There are 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired and 80 per cent of these impairments are preventable.

Just a quick share of the #whoblinkedfirst video on social media on the 9th is all it takes — you can even just retweet my tweet. Consider it your good deed of the day.

Who Blinked First


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