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Travel Swellness: West Coast-bound!

Tourism Vancouver

I’m off to the west coast for a couple of weeks for:

  • a whole lotta running (in the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday! 42.2k!)
  • giggles with my Vancouver friends
  • much good eating
  • and a jaunt down to Seattle

(oh, and work of course, but that’s all part and parcel.)

Okaaay, maybe some shopping, too. I made some fantastic buys at Obakki and One of a Few on my last trip to this part of the world.

Yup, it’ll be my second time in Vancouver; the first time was with Nike to run the Nike Human Race 10k (seems like running is what brings me out to this coast, eh?). The visit seemed shorter than The Place Beyond the Pines, though, so I still feel like a VanCity virgin.

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Photo, Tourism Vancouver.

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