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Your wellbeing as an adult tied to your childhood and high school friendships

Having good friendships and relationships as a child and teenager, and taking part in social activities such as youth groups and sporting clubs, is linked to greater wellbeing as an adult — more so than early language development and academic achievements in high school (these being linked to one’s socioeconomic status) — so social networks trump socioeconomic class when it comes to wellbeing. The study is published in the current issue of Journal of Happiness Studies.

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The price of happiness?

Happiness is yours–with a salary of $75,000 US, says a study from Princeton. After that, your day to day happiness tends to plateau (although it should be mentioned that when you make more than $75Gs your sense of satisfaction with your success or wellbeing does rise).

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Organic growth

Although packing your troubles away may be what you need to achieve closure, I love the idea of jotting down your happy hopes and dreams into an eco-friendly Botanical Paperworks journal and then planting it , growing your thoughts into a pretty wildflower garden.

(Admittedly, I was initially disappointed that only the journal’s cover is made with the wildflower-seeded paper. That said, writing on the seed-embedded sheets is somewhat difficult, making the smooth eco-friendy inner sheets a very welcome writing surface; plus this way, you get to hold onto your pages of brilliant ideas and musings.)

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