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How to love your job more

Were you dreading heading into the office this Monday morning? According to a new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology had you done some volunteer work on Sunday evening, the positive psychological benefits of your volunteering could’ve carried on over to today to your full-time gig.

The findings show that that the amount of time spent volunteering in the evening was linked to well-being at one’s work the following day. And even volunteering in stressful, demanding types of roles (say, volunteering for rescue services) benefits you by helping to satisfy needs that aren’t met through work, say mastering new skills and relating to people socially. Plus, the researchers believe your volunteer gig may help you thoroughly disengage from your paid job.

Might make you consider PVRing the Amazing Race on Sunday nights and setting out to do something amazing for someone else instead.

P.S. And if volunteering doesn’t work, whip up these chocolate caramel cookie bars to bring into work — at the very least, you and your colleagues will have a sweet fix to brighten up your daily grind.

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