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How reading Twilight makes your life better

I always have a book on the go. So this study about how reading satisfies a deep human need intrigued me–and the fact that the study involved Twilight and Harry Potter books.

Seems that when we read, in our minds we “become” vampires (in the case of Twilight) in that we immerse ourselves in the fictional community–and this satisfies our basic human need for belonging.

(Come to think of it, I’m currently reading Bacon: A Love Story–and it’s taking me awhile to get through it. Perhaps I can’t identify with truly belonging with bacon; more of a just-wanna-eat-it relationship, me thinks :).

1 Comment April 28, 2011

Body Language Sportswear

Ever since I posted that pic of Ashley Greene in the cute capris, I’ve been wondering what brand the capris are (although it might be her killer bod that I’m lusting after even more–yep she’s my new girl crush). Turns out they’re from Body Language Sportswear, a brand based out of California.

(The bad news? I don’t see the capris with the cut-out flower detail online, but there’s lots of other flattering pieces–I like the straps of this cami above, for example).

1 Comment January 18, 2011

Step by step

Here’s a good reason to get a pair of toning shoes (such as the New Balance TrueBalance I gave a test drive) and get walking: taking 10,000 steps daily will help you lose fat, which in turn will help reduce your diabetes risk, says new research published online in the British Medical Journal.

3 Comments January 14, 2011

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