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‘Health & Swellness’ Swellness: My Digital Detox feature in Glow magazine

Glow Canada March 2013

In November, I gave up social media, texting and personal emails for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

Was it torture? Did I snap under pressure and tweet? How on earth does one keep in touch sans texting?!? To find out how it went and what I learned about FOMO, you’ll just have to pick up the March 2013 issue of Glow!

5 Comments January 28, 2013

Healthy Swellness: Texting your way to a healthier diet

Brussels sprouts

A new study published in the journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that receiving healthy lifestyle texts can improve one’s eating habits.

The study focused on teens, since teenagers receive an average of 3,417 texts per month (while also doing quite poorly when it comes to eating their RDA of fruits and veggies).

But I figure I’m a frequent texter — in fact my mom recently scolded me for always being on my phone — so I’m thinking the findings (that texts in an active voice and referencing acheivable behaviours for your particular age group) might be applicable for those of us out of our teens, too!

Think about it: maybe getting a text at around 5PM about how walking home will burn off a couple hundred calories might convince you to make the trek on foot rather than hopping on the subway. Or a text about buying a veggie that’s in season, highlighting its nutritional benefits might prompt you to do just that.

P.S. Didja know this is how Brussels sprouts grew?? Saw these in my grocery store and I had no idea! I went back to buy myself a stalk of it, but alas, they were back to being sold simply all loose in a bushel. Still delicious, just not on the nifty, straight-off-the-farm stalk.

2 Comments January 11, 2013

Pretty stationery for texting or emailing

I often go to several different stationery stores until I find the best, prettiest card for the occasion at hand–great paper goods is a bit of an obsession.

I much prefer mailing an actual paper card, but sometimes it just makes more sense to dash off a quick e-mail or text (say, to let your BFF know you received the gift she sent in the mail so she doesn’t give hell to the courier company–true story, btw), which is why I’m so loving the Cartolina iPhone app. The app ($1.99) offers 18 very pretty, feminine designs to pretty up your emails or texts.

Swoon-worthy, n’est-ce pas?

2 Comments May 11, 2011

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