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Style Swellness: SmartBuyGlasses.ca

Ray Ban large aviators from SmartBuyGlasses

Done all your Christmas shopping? Me neither! But I’m almost finished and without hitting the mall much; every year I do at least half of my holiday shopping online. That way I can avoid crowds and save myself from waiting in long lines; it’s so much better to just shop with a few clicks (and even easier when using my PayPal account instead of constantly entering my credit card info).

Online shopping is convenient, but just like when I’m in the mall, I’m guilty of buying one gift for a loved one…and then one for me. What can I say, I’m a shopper. So far, I’ve managed to treat myself to just one thing thus far: I stumbled upon the site SmartBuyGlasses.ca and caved and bought another pair of RayBan aviators I’ve been coveting. The prices are good, plus I received mine within a few days of placing my order. They’ve got tons of designer brands, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new pair of sunnies (it’s important to protect your eyes from UV rays, even in the winter). Plus, I’m off to the Caribbean in January so that’s my excuse (erm, reason) for a new pair of sunglasses.

Oh, and if you’re last-minute shopping, for any glasses that say “fast shipping”, you’ll have them within three to five days, so there’s still time to order a pair or two before Christmas! They’ve got tons of designer brands (think Tom Ford,  Celine, Gucci, and more) and if you need a little help with your shopping, they’ve got a Christmas Gift Guide with suggestions if you’re shopping for a hipster or trendsetter).

Only a week left to shop before Christmas, get it done, people!



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Shady business

File this under “I-should-know-better”:

On long runs, I make sure to slap on some sunscreen (current favourite is the new Climatik Outdoor Protective Lotion from Marcelle — hey, if it’s good enough for Olympic Gold Medallist Jennifer Heil, then it’s good enough for regular ol’ weekend-warrior me). It comes in a sleek little tube (slim enough to tuck into my hydration belt so I can reapply while out working up a sweat — the downside is that at only 50 mL, I go through a tube pretty darn quickly) and its formulation was developed to handle the extreme variations of our lovely Canadian climate. 

And yet while I make sure to slather on UV protection, I don’t wear sunglasses on my run.

Come to think of it, a lot of the runners I see aren’t sporting shades either. Learning about the potential dangers to the eyes from UV exposure is enough to get me to change my ways, though. My next gear investment will most definitely be a pair of running sunglasses — I’m kinda digging this pair called Forsake from Oakley.

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Shady behaviour

Photo: style.com

Be wary of people wearing sunglasses. According to new research published in Psychological Science, darkness — such as being in a lowly lit room but even from sporting a pair of shades — makes us believe we are shielded from people’s attention and inspection, leading us to behave more unethically.

In one of the experiments, participants wore sunglasses or clear glasses and were given money to share with a person in another room they’d been interacting with. Those wearing sunglasses acted more selfishly, giving way less of the money to the other person so they could pocket it for themselves.

Which has got me wondering: I’ve been coveting these Dior sunglasses. Does that in turn mean I’m subconsciously planning on acting immorally?

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