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Fitness Swellness: Nike’s new yoga workouts on the NTC app

Nike Brahaus x Sport Chek

Last weekend, Nike partnered with Sport Chek to bring the Brahaus pop-up to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. I had a chance to learn about the new bras in the collection and learned that while the sport bras are divided into low-, medium- and high-impact categories (with sports slotted into each one — Pilates would be under light impact and running under high impact), your personal preference and the comfort and support you feel should be what ultimately determines the sport bra you wear. For example, if a medium or even light impact bra feels supportive enough for you for running, you can go ahead and rock that one. Besides actual construction and design elements of the sport bras, the level of elasticity of the fabric content also varies.

To more about the new Nike sports bras, check out my post over at iRun; this is the Nike Pro Indy Logo bra I have on here.


Besides learning about the new bras and the other fun they had planned for the Brahaus, I also sat down with Master Trainer Eva Redpath to talk about my marathon training. To complement my training for Chicago, she recommended I take advantage of the new expanded yoga offering on the NTC app. There are currently nine yoga workouts (Nike consulted with both yogis and three Nike Master Trainers) with more to come and they range from ones that focus on mobility (concentrating on recharging the body), endurance (where the focus is strength and holding poses for a long time, and flows that will build heat and make you sweat) and restorative.

Eva knows I have no problem getting my miles in but that I slack on the restorative part of my training. She recommended two of the yoga workouts for me on my non-run days: Deep Restorative Yoga and Ultimate Strength Yoga (which was created by Traci Copeland, a runner herself). Like the other NTC workouts, you get a preview of each movement, and the app is designed so that you can follow along like you would with a yoga teacher in a class by having them lead you through without a visual.

One of Eva’s aspects of the yoga workouts is the diaphragmatic breathing (there is at least two minutes of breathing at the beginning of each workout), to help you tap into your central nervous system’s fight or flight response and help manage that; she noted that anxiety could happen mid-race and deep breaths can help me get that response under control.

This training season, I’ve upped the frequency of my training, so I’m finding timing pretty limited in my schedule but I hope to incorporate at least one yoga workout a week, so I’m looking forward to trying out these new NTC yoga workouts. Given my limited time in my schedule, I do appreciate the ease of working out at home, with zero commute-to-a-yoga-studio time , and I’ve always found the NTC app to be super well designed and motivating so will soon  namaste with Nike.

How ’bout you? How’s your training going?

Nike Brahaus and Sport Chek Yorkdale




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Fitness Swellness: Champion fitness gear

Champion fitness gear

When it comes to fitness gear, style is what catches my attention first. But besides looking good, though, you also are calling for the apparel to function for you — wick sweat away from your skin, provide breathability where you need it, withstand numerous washes since you’re laundering them constantly. I’ve had some pieces for years that still look and work great and others that started pilling after one wear and wash.

For my upcoming workouts, I’ll be putting some Champion gear to the test. Champion sent me some key pieces that I’ll be running in and doing NTC workouts in (and maybe even stretching in — I still struggle with fitting in stretching into my life). This gear test has come at the perfect time as the grey and chilly weather in Toronto (plus the fact that this is currently my off-season) has me less motivated than usual — cozying up under a throw blanket is much more enticing lately!

Stay tuned for my full review on the Champion gear in an upcoming post. Have you tried their gear? It’s new to me so do share. I’m always game to hear what you love or hate when it comes to fitness!

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Fitness Swellness: NTC Pop-up Studio open until the end of August

Bolt Fresh Bar

Well, here’s some good fitness news — the NTC Pop-up Studio is now going to remain open all of August! Sign up for a Nike Pro Bra fitting and for free NTC workouts here. Plus, there’s a sweet lounge and lovely patio to grab a seat and catch your breath after class, where you can also enjoy delicious treats like these acai bowls from Bolt Fresh Bar.

For more info on the NTC Pop-up Studio and the Nike Pro Bra Collection? Go here!

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