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Beauty Swellness: The Nail Report

Kiss Gel Polish in Sweet

Nail craving: Something suitable for Vegas, baby! Last visit to Las Vegas I was running the Rock n Roll Half-marathon so I had some nail art for running the race.

How I satisfied that craving: What better than nails the colour of money, money, money to go with Sin City where everyone is hoping to win big? This colour is called Sweet and it’s a gel polish from Kiss.

How this nail colour makes me feel: It’s perhaps a bit soothing and subdued for Vegas — perhaps I should’ve layered some glitter overtop for some sparkle? But who knows? Maybe my nails the colour of money will help me win money gambling and I’ll be able to make it rain. (Update: I didn’t gamble a cent so it kinda made it hard to win anything :)

Love it or hate it: Love, but I’m thinking it’s more Palm Springs (there’s a bit of a retro feel to this shade, no?) than Vegas.

And don’t forget: Click, click, click! Not only is that a great NKOTB song (haha), it’s also how you can help me in the Activate Your Inner Champion contest I’m in. Just visit this link, read about my fitness dream goal and then click to vote! You can vote once daily. Thanks for your support!

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Beauty Swellness: Kiss Gel Polish System from Walmart

Kiss gel products Walmart

When Walmart asks you to see what you can score at their store for just $100 in a frugal shopping challenge, what do you do? You say hellz yeah, well, that is if you’re me and you kinda sorta (completely) like (love) shopping.

So I trekked over to my local Walmart and headed straight to the cosmetics department. Because wouldn’t you if you saw at-home soak-off gel manicures as pretty as this?

Sometimes Fancy mani

And this?

Sometimes Fancy

Those lovely nails belong to my friend Lindsay of Sometimes Fancy and she’d done them using the Kiss at-home gel system. So once I beelined to the nail section, I scooped up the UV lamp, the starter kit and the two polishes Linds used (yeah, totally SWF, erm, SAF situation over here) and it totalled almost exactly $100.

Walmart receipt

Considering that’d be about the cost of two, maybe three, professional gel manicures, I’m pretty sure this is one of those situations where you gotta spend money to save money. Dontcha love those scenarios?

Not that I’m going to give up my spa manicures (when you end up with nails this good, it’d just be wrong to give up), but I can get them less often. Plus, this DIY gel system also means that I could potentially try doing some nail art myself since I can use regular nail polish over top of the Kiss gel, and easily swipe it off with nail polish remover if I make a mistake for a do over.

I’m going to try this as soon as I get back home from traveling out west!

Next Walmart shopping excursion, I’m picking up products so I can get cuticles as healthy and perfect as Lindsay’s (You can discover her elaborate regimen here).

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The Weekly Nail Report

Nail-job craving: I didn’t even know I was craving this colour, but as soon as I spotted this bottle at the OPI media preview lunch yesterday, it just really spoke to me…

How I satisfied that craving: Did It On ‘Em from the Nicki Minaj for OPI collection, which is launching  January 2012.

How this nail colour make me feel: This acid yellow (I had to have it applied over the Entity in Spotlight soak-off gel I still have on from my San Francisco Nike Women’s half-marathon manicure — I’m thinking the white base gave the Minaj colour extra pop) is fresh and unexpected, so it makes me feel like I should be doing only on thing: having loads of F-U-N.

Love it or hate it: Love. I especially love it paired with Beauty Geeks‘ gorgeous manicure (in fact, she may find me trying to walk hand in hand with her all week long…).

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