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Beauty Swellness: Update your skincare routine for spring


It’s officially spring, and even though it’s fairly chilly in Toronto, it’s a good time to look at your skincare routine and start transitioning it for the new season. Which is why I snapped up the invite for a facial at Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris at the Shangri-La Hotel. “Now is a great time for a facial, to repair any damage from the winter season and to prep for spring,” says Alex Weisseneder, senior esthetician.

What she recommends getting your skin set for spring:

Exfoliate, but not too often. “People often over-exfoliate. Twice a week is good. If you over-exfoliate, you’ll strip the skin of its natural oils and your skin will become excessively oily, which could cause more breakouts.”

Book a facial to get your skin glowing. One customized to your skin, as I had done at Miraj Hammam Spa. I have combination skin, so while my forehead was dry (I’m guessing from lots of sun exposure as I was just in Vegas and California) but the T-zone can get oily, so my esthetician chose the products to target my skin’s needs.

Lighten up on your moisturizing cream. The heavier, richer cream you’ve been using for winter can be replaced now with one that is a lighter formulation, that is thinner in texture and oil-free. Some people are more sensitive to the weather changing, so pay attention to what’s working and not working for you during this transitional period.

Besides the skincare benefits of enjoying a facial at the spa, Miraj is one of my faves in the city for its top-notch spa services but also its cozy lounge area. I’ve tried several treatments here, including the Thai massage. A couple of hours here is a nice way to get away from the chaos of the city and recharge mentally for the busy spring season ahead.





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Beauty Swellness: Dermalogica Sheer Tint and Cover Tint

dermalogica sheer cover tint

I keep fondling my face.

Wait, that sounds a little dirty. Not in a slutty way — I’m just in love with how well hydrated my skin feels after a Dermalogica facial I was treated to today. After a blissful treatment, I was sent home with three products to help with my dehydrated skin and a few tips. Have dehydrated skin? I’ll share the tips; sharing is caring, right?

  • Spritz on a good five sprays or so of the Multi-Active Toner, says Amanda, my Dermalogica skin expert today. Good to know as in the past I’ve only been spraying twice, which isn’t nearly enough.
  • Use your ring finger to pat on the Intensive Eye Repair (and you only need about a tiny dab the size of a grain of rice total — “this tube should last you about 10 months,” says Amanda). You’ll be as gentle as you need to be in the eye area with your ring finger compared to your index finger.
  • For the Skin Hydrating Booster, place 5-10 drops in the palm of one hand and rather than smoothing it all over your face from your palm, dab on the liquid with your fingers (“Smoothing it all over your face using your palm will waste too much of the product in this case,” she says).

She completed my facial by applying the new Dermalogica Cover Tint and Sheer Tint ($60 each) that launch this month. They both offer sheer coveragein three shades (perfect, I think, for travel — I typically go with a simpler makeup routine when on the road) and boast crosslinked hyaluronic acid (which means they bind moisture five time more than non-crosslinked HA).

Five times the moisture-binding. No wonder my skin feels so nice and dewy.

Dermalogica toner, eye repair and booster



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