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Fitness Swellness: Train like an Olympian

Kelsey Serwa ski cross

Two weeks ago, I got travel to Whistler to ski with Zico Coconut Water-sponsored athlete Kelsey Serwa — you know, the Olympian who won silver in Sochi for ski cross. NBD.

First, she did one of the ski cross courses and explained the sport to us (I took a video of her demo — you can watch it on my Instagram). Then we did a quickie ski lesson that she tagged along for. Then I got to sit down with her and chat about her training and what it was like to stand on the podium in Sochi.

And while you  may never compete in the Olympics, you can definitely learn from how she approaches her training and apply it to your routine. Visit AmongMen to read about 8 Ways to Train Like an Olympian.

Serwa and me in Whistler March 2014

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Fitness Swellness: Skiing with Kelsey Serwa


I’m off to Whistler for the weekend with ZICO Coconut Water,  oh, just to ski with Olympian Kelsey Serwa — you know, the one who just won silver for women’s ski cross in Sochi.

Ya know, as one does on any regular ol’ weekend…what!?

And by “ski with Kelsey Serwa” I mean meet Kelsey, and then get shuttled off to get a beginner’s lesson (I’ve only had skis on three times in my life). I’ll be meeting with her to chat fitness and health, too — any questions you’d love to ask her? Let me know!

I’m stoked about this incredible opportunity to get to know Kelsey, and it’ll be my very first visit to Whistler — I hear it’s gorgeous. Follow me on Instagram (@healthandswellness) and Twitter (@healthswellness) — and the hashtag for the trip is #skiwithserwa — to keep up with my adventures on the west coast!


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