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Style Swellness: Augustina boutique launches online shopping

Augustina Boutique handbags Loeffler Randall and Rebecca Minkoff

I’m in Toronto’s chic Yorkville neighbourhood at least once a week for events or errands. And I always make it a point to scurry on by Augustina, averting my eyes from the stunning clothes and accessories calling my name from the window as I’m trying to curtail my shopping… Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes not so much.

But now they’ve launched an e-commerce site — and I may as well just give up on trying to be good. Loeffler Randall, Rebecca Minkoff, Me & Ro and so many other gorgeous goods all so easily accessible at my fingertips? Oh my.

Augustina. Holst and Lee

Shipping and returns will be simple, too, since it’s all here in Canadaland.

What items are you coveting? The Loeffler Randall Rider handbag is at the top of my wishlist.


Augustina, 138 Cumberland, Old York Lane No. 3, Toronto, 416-922-4248

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Style Swellness: A new cardio workout

Wildfox Shopping is My Cardio t-shirt Asos

After I run my marathon in May (my third in about 18 months — that’s essentially constant training for a year and a half, yo), I may relax it on the running.

And I think I’ve found my new sport :)

(Wildfox oversized T, Asos)

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Material girl

Photo: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Remember the study that found the spending money on experiential purchases makes you happier than buying the latest Louboutins (well, technically the study focused on material items, not just to-die-for shoes — that’s just how I’d choose to splurge…)?

There’s now a new study led by the University of Colarado at Boulder that has found that people who choose to pursue happiness through material means are less liked than their peers than people who seek happiness from life experiences.

So it seems that when it comes to popularity contests and your happiness quotient, you’ll win in both respects by getting out there and living your life rather than filling your closet à la Shopaholic Becky Bloomwood.

Although I still firmly believe there’s a place for both — it’s all about balance. :)

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