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Be a bikini babe

For the past year, I keep finding myself shopping for bikinis. Not sure why. I don’t have a beach vacation or any plans to be poolside per se. Perhaps it’s a matter of, “If I buy it, it (the vacay) will come…”.

In any case, if swimsuit shopping tends to strike fear in your heart, don’t fret. Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess (and my Squad-mate on the Schick Style Squad) has shared her tips on finding the right flattering swimsuit over on the  Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page in her blog post this month. (Psst, you can *win* some prizes from Bikini Village this month from the Quattro-fied giveaways this month so be sure to check it out!)

(But even with the hottest swimsuit, we all need a stylin’ coverup, non? I’m coveting this one from Mara Hoffman.)

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Are you a Style Idol? Enter to win a trip to NYC!

I don’t normally aim to be all judge-y but as part of the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Style Squad that’s exactly what I’ve gotta to do with the Style Idol contest. Which you must enter because the prize is most excellent: a trip to the Big Apple and some spending $$$. Sweet! (Totes wish I could enter!)

All you have to do is go to the Schick Style Idol page, upload a pic showing your killer sense of style, get peeps to vote for ya and and then the top 10 will get judged by the Style Squad (that’s moi, Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess and Janine Falcon of Beauty Geeks)! (For full rules and regs, go to the Style Idol page).

(And if you haven’t yet checked it out, be sure to give the Schick Quattro for Women Canada Facebook page a look and a big ol’ thumbs-up “like” to stay tuned to the Squad’s style, beauty and health news and such!).

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Schick Hydro Silk: You tried the razor, now here’s what you thought about it


If you recall, back in February I had 50 Schick Hydro Silk razors to give away, as long as you promised to send me your feedback.

At long last, here are the results!* Makes for some good reading over your coffee break, I swear.

Does the Schick Hydro Silk give you a closer, smoother shave than what you were using?

77% said yes.

17% said no.

6% said don`t know.

In terms of the design, how do you like it?

57% like it a lot.

23% like it a little.

17% are neutral.

3% dislike it a little.

I will switch to using Schick Hydro Silk.*

29% said yes.

11% said no.

60% said don’t know.

(N.B. I forgot to mention to the testers the price of the product, which, of course (duh!) would play a role in your decision – it’s $13.99 btw. This, of course, affected the answers to this question — lots of don’t knows as you can see).

Did your skin feel more hydrated after shaving with Schick Hydro Silk compared to other razors?

91% said yes.

9% said no.

And then I asked you to share your thoughts on the product overall. Responses been edited a bit and I haven’t included every tidbit of feedback. In summary, this is what I gathered from reading through the results:

  • Rubbery handle – some love it, some don’t. Same goes for the size of the razor, some find it bulky and hard to maneuver, whereas some find the large razor head the best thing ever. (Goes to show you can’t please everyone, eh?)
  • One item many women did agree on—skin felt more moisturized post-shave.
  • Not a single person used the little storage hanger piece (psst, Schick, you can quit including that with your razors, no one uses it!)

But here’s what some testers all had to say about the Hydro Silk in their very own words:

I liked that the handle was shaped to keep the blade part lifted when you set it down. Didn’t use the storage hanger at all. (A great idea, but I had no where to put it). Rubbery handle was great. But I found it really awkward in hard to reach places. I would use this razor primarily for legs but would avoid bikini area and underarms in the future. It feels a little too ‘bulky’ for those areas.– Adrienne

I liked the rubber handle as it was easy to handle in the shower. I never used the storage hanger, but not a bad idea especially if you’re limited on storage space. – Lara

I really liked the design of the razor (especially the fact that it sits flat in the shower). The first shave was great, definitely smoother and more moisturizing than other razors I’ve tried. However, the second and third time I used the razor it wasn’t nearly as wonderful as the first time. It seemed to be dull and out of moisture by the third time. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t switch! – Karalee

It gave a very nice shave, but I found the handle a little awkward to hold. It might just take some getting used to.—Brianna

What I disliked was the handle. I have small hands and I am used to thin handles, so this was a bit uncomfortable for me. I did enjoy that the razor lies flat on surface, since you don’t want any hurtful accidents *ouch*. I did get a bit of razor burn because I have very sensitive skin when it comes to shaving but I do think once my skin gets used to it, it won’t be much of a problem. – Tara

The handling of the shaver was a bit odd at first because I wasn’t used to the swivel head. Once I got used to it though, it was nice to be able just to hold the handle one way and let the head do all the work. – Jennifer

I was quite disappointed by the closeness of the shave on the razor.  I understand that the focus is on moisturizing, but the raised head around the razor blades meant the shave wasn’t as close as I’m used to. Also, the moisturizing strips made it impossible to shave with shaving cream, it just got too creamy and provided an additional barrier for the blades to shave. I religiously moisturize after I get after the shower so I’d rather get a really close shave then a moisturized once at the expense of stubble.  – Leila

It shaves almost a little too close. I don’t use shaving cream, and I found that it me tiny micro cuts on one of my knees —Kristina

What I liked: This razor felt very comfortable in my hand.  The rubbery handle gave me a good grip in the shower.  I liked that this razor has five blades so that I could get every last hair.  It is very sharp and I actually nicked myself.  I liked that this razor had moisturizing serum built in.  It eliminated the need for a shave gel.  This would be the perfect razor to take while travelling! But what I didn’t like: I would have liked to have more moisturizing serum released while I was shaving as I felt the razor was tugging at times.  I do wonder how many shaves the moisturizing serum will last for. –Amy

The one con: The first shave left me with plenty of stubble? I believe it may be overhydration (which I didn’t think was possible). The shave was much closer the second time around—I assume the moisturizer mechanism over-activates in its first use? –Diane

While the shave was great and my legs were very soft, the Schick Hydro Silk doesn’t seem very eco-friendly in concept and that is always something I look for. The handle is comfortable, the head is a bit    bulky. I will never use the storage hanger. –Brigitte

The razor has a nice grip and is easy to hold, which makes it very functional. However, I find it looks like a disposable razor. Unfortunately, I view disposable razors as being cheap and rough on the skin and I believe that had I not tried the sample, I might not be willing to invest in one.—Lisa

I liked how sharp the new razor blades were; am interested in seeing how long they will last and provide that ‘new razor’ feeling.  I liked the shape of the handle, but wished that it was in a rougher/more textured kind of plastic so it wasn’t so slippery.—Kama

My skin feels hydrated and smooth after the shave but it does pull on the hair and feel uncomfortable while shaving. —Jessi

I don’t have a lot of hair on my legs. I have a lot of spots where it doesn’t grow, so with normal razors I get rashes. I found that with this razor, it was sliding over the skin more smoothly but I didn’t feel like it was removing all the hair. I found that I had to repeat several times & worried that I would get a rash. –Maria

I feel like the five blades made the razor too flat—great for shaving legs but not so good in curvier areas (underarms, bikini). —Kim

The shave lasted longer than other brands.  I don’t shave everyday but I did notice that the shave lasted which was a pleasant surprise. In terms of cons, it’s not visually appealing.  Looks big and bulky and I initially thought “this can’t be good.”  But then it was! –Jeannie

(*Based on responses from 35 product testers.)

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